Martha Washington in Bloom

Preparing for the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference this month has me remiss in Blogland. I am barely lurking and only posting once a week. Thanks, Lisa Jo, for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt!

The word for the week is BLOOM.

Ha! Great word! This week was my monthly gig at The Garden Center @ Seper’s Nursery where I perform Blooming Books Storytime for the little guys and their loved ones. After the program, I roamed the front section perennials and annuals they had left. Not much to choose from as the best of them had already been scooped up and replanted in someone’s landscaped yard. 

A sad few left behind . . . like wallflowers forgotten in the corner at the junior high school dance.

Midsummer heat scorching. Burning hot.

Martha Washington is shriveling up. That’s her over there – just three of these unique geranium varieties left at the garden center. I saw her six weeks ago with many others for sale at a hefty price tag. Lush . . . blooming. And, now?

Brown leaves and drying soil. Root-bound and overwhelmed. Past her early bloom, new blossoms have come to bud, but may never bloom, again.

“She needs a home,” the gardener tells me. “See – she’ll come back. She just needs to get out of this pot so she has somewhere to grow.”

It seems like a simple thing if you have a green thumb. However, I am rarely able to keep even the healthiest and hardiest of plants alive – let alone this last one left, dying on the display crate.

“How much?” I ask.

“Just take her – give her a home.”  I’m told.

Poor Martha. Her value depreciated. No money risked to take her. No great loss if she doesn’t make it. No big deal if she turns brown and dies on my deck – or at the garden center.

But, then again – rescued from the certainty of the compost heap – there may be . . . hope.

Should I break her from the confines of her pot? She might bloom after all.

And, more than that – she might thrive!

Alive! With purposeful beauty, once again.

Just a bigger pot and a whole lot more dirt. I’ve got that – and a bit of water everyday.

Such a small thing to bring such hope for resurrection and rescue from . . . the heat.

And bondage of a pot outgrown.

I take her home and make the room.

And . . . hope.

For Martha Washington to bloom.

Epilogue: You will be happy to know that Martha is coming along nicely – nestled in my little fairy garden deck bin with the Stevia plant and butterfly bush and tiny Golden Million I also rescued, that were turning black for want of replanting.


Seems like this idea of being broken out to grow into better things is a recurring theme in my life of late. Perhaps it is the Lord’s constancy, inspiring me as I ready my manuscript for the writer’s conference. Should I leave my dusty old ideas heaped in the file cabinet? Or, perhaps – cultivate their soil with re-writing, and water profusely with re-vision, to give it . . . hope.

Here’s a sneak peek at a mock-up of the title page I envision:

Title Page Final w-seal-gold

Yes – I’m finally breaking out of my own little shell of fear and insecurity to commit to the conference this year and prep this manuscript I started back in 2007 – in the hopes of capturing the eye of an editor or agent!

I am like my Martha Washington geranium at present. Spreading my roots in a new place . . . with hope that soon, I too, will bloom – and “grow into greater things.”

Perhaps . . .  a thing as simple as taking the risk of becoming cultivating soil and water in another Martha’s life.

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  1. Your Martha Washington is beautiful. I’m glad you took a chance on it and nurtured it to its flowering! So thankful God does that with us too.

  2. Many things to celebrate in this post! Martha just needed the right person to come along and see her potential for beauty, and then to nurture it. Kinda sounds like God, huh?!

    And speaking of potential, I am so proud of you for taking this bold step and bringing your manuscript to the conference. It’s a delightful piece of writing (and I would know because of my sneak peek!) – and I have a feeling that it is your *treasure* that is just waiting to be revealed. Blessings are in your writing future, I just know it.


  3. My dear Kathryn,
    so happy to see your lovely blog pop up on the link right before mine on fiveminfri!
    i really dont do a whole lot of blogging or blog reading these days…life is too full…but i always enjoyed what a lovely timeout and whimsical feel your space had. Great story on the Marth Washington plant. Your title page idea and content is so you and looks delightful. Best of luck and God’s perfect timing on your writing. I have actually been taking a deliberate backing off of blog writing to focus my very limited time I have for writing on my own creative writing; a book started over 18 months ago.
    Happy Friday and Happy Gardening and Happy Writing,

  4. I hope you’re blessed by the writing conference. I enjoyed your story about Martha. I’m glad she is doing well.

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