Master Builder Anniversary Reflections

“To the rest of the country, New England has always stood in much the same relation
as England has to America — that of spiritual homeland and mother country.” 

B.A. Botkin, author of A Treasury of New England Folklore

It’s July and New England is heavy on my mind. This is a big anniversary month in my life – much of which is connected to New England – the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island area specifically.

For a number of years I lived in the region, celebrating a total of eleven 4th of July anniversaries of the founding of our nation there – where I began my collection of patriotic red, white and blue Americana home decor. I loved the history so well preserved throughout the region! John Adams hailed from Massachusetts – as did many important events and principle characters of our founding era p good and faithful servants in their time.


For me, personally, New England is a sort of “mother country” as the above quote suggests because it is where I gave birth to my firstborn, Andrew, in Connecticut. He celebrates his wedding anniversary – 8 years on July 1st – married in Massachusetts to our dear Andrea, school chums and best buddies since 7th grade!


But, New England is also a “spiritual homeland” to me:

Besides, a Wedding Anniversary on the 1st and Independence Day on the 4th,

it was on July 5, 1984 that I came to know the Lord – 30 years ago this week!

I had the joy of being discipled by so many dear brothers and sisters in the Lord when I lived there in the 1980’s and again in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Social media has been a wonderful tool to stay connected with some of those who have been a part of my walk with the Lord.

Not the least of which is a church fellowship I have had a relationship with since 1996 when I first met Pastor Ron and Bernice Bernier of Master Builder Ministries and East Gate Christian Academy.


Both of my children attended the school and I taught on staff – English, art, history, drama and a chapel class. The church was established initially to under-gird the school with the mission to reach the community through Christian education.

July 2 is their 19th Anniversary and it was a delight to share fellowship with them just a couple of weeks ago when we were visiting my son and daughter-in-law. Pastor Ron was always a strong mentor in my son’s life and eventually became his father-in-law! I can’t be more blessed to call Ron and Bernice family as we share our grand-girl, Mackenzie with great joy.


Recently, after many years of leadership training, my son was ordained an Elder and brought on full time staff at Master Builder Ministries as worship leader, small group discipleship leader and teacher at East Gate Christian Academy – just like mom used to be.


The answer to my prayers from his infancy – that my son would one day walk boldly in full time Christian ministry.

God is so good!!

Through the years I’ve watched Master Builder Ministries grow and expand their facility and ministry reach through discipleship and Christian education – training leaders with a strong Biblical worldview and a global missions mindset:

Master Builder Ministries encompasses the church, two schools and a community action ministry, all located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Dr. Bernier serves as Senior Pastor of Master Builder Christian Church and Headmaster of East Gate Christian Academy. He has authored several books and publications and leads seminars across the country and internationally training pastors and leaders. In all of his work he emphasizes biblical worldview, character education and church administration. 

I am proud to have had an opportunity to have served under Ron at East Gate Christian Academy and am blessed to enjoy continued fellowship with Master Builder Ministries across the miles. Currently, Ed and I are working through The First Principles discipleship study series from BILD International via Pastor Ron – the same series used at MBM in their discipleship training small groups.

I was inspired of late by a few quotes lifted from Pastor Ron’s daily devotionals published online and created a quartet of memes encapsulating some of Master Builder Ministries leading ideas:





There are many opportunities for further growth and study through the ministries at Master Builder – in addition to Pastor Ron’s books which are excellent resources for Biblical foundations, principles and leadership development. For more information check out the website HERE.

Wishing our Master Builder Ministries family celebrating 19 years of good and faithful servant-hood, God’s richest blessings as they continue to walk out the call to discipleship and leadership training to impact the home, community and nations for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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