Patriotic Banner for the 4th!

Strike up the band!

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We’re celebrating 238 years since the historic signing of our nation’s Declaration of Independence!

I am ever reminded of the providential hand of God in the establishment of our nation and love to re-read some of the stirring and inspiring primary source documentations of what was in the mind and heart of this historic collection of souls the like of whom we may never see again.


The infrastructure of our world is so much altered, that such character void of personal gain and self-seeking as in the signers of this historic document, are rare in contemporary government spheres.

No matter ~

[Tweet “All is in the Lord’s hands – still – and I shall commit all to His Providence.”]

With much hope that all things good and beauty might be the just result in due season.

However, to mark the current season, I’ve decked the Ross Ranch halls with the obligatory red, white and blue – and a little special something that I’ve kept from you for a whole year!


It’s the vintage patriotic banner some of us in my Circle Journal Group created last year. I never got to post it at the time as a couple of the banner pieces were late in arriving for the 4th and then suddenly it was August and . . . well . . . there you go.


I love it!


Every image and embellishment turned out beyond my wildest imaginings and it is now a permanent fixture in my seasonal patriotic decor.




We made one for each of us and swapped them by mail. I love how they all match so well!! A shout out to my Circle Journal gals who participated with me in making our banners:

Dana at The Stone Rabbit

Laverne at Riverside Studios

Nancy at My Crafty Little Page

Jeanne at Backyard Neighbors

Going forward I’m hearing a little birdie tweeting something about a “tiny book” swap – which sounds intriguing!

AND – speaking of “tweeting” – I hope you’ll follow me on TWITTER – see my sidebar for preview real time tweets!



Just jumped on this week and am enjoying getting to know this new social media outlet. I’ve been so fearful to add it to my list of things to keep up with, but have figured out how to incorporate it into my routine so it’s not a drag on my time. Yippee!

May your time of celebrating the 4th of July this year be filled with family and fellowship and safe adventures. And – do take the time to remember our Founding Fathers who sacrificed so much for our freedoms just a mere 238 years ago. May they not have lived and died so valiantly in vain.


Here’s my annual Founding Father’s Remembrance post to kick you off with some Patriotic Ponderings!

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Sharing my Patriotic Banner for the 4th this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. O, if I had such a grand banner as this, I would leave it up ALL YEAR LONG….I keep an American flag all year in my living room…and love it to pieces. I love celebrating America all the time.

  2. I cherish my Circle Journal Banner, too. We are so lucky to have created this wonderful memory!! HPS and Happy 4th! L, Dana

  3. Love your Banner! I too posted a banner I made for the 4th on Pink Saturday.
    ENJOY! Jany

  4. Hello Kathy, I am so happy to be blogging again. I love that you shared your banners too. They look so festive. I had to hunt for mine as I forgot where I put them away. My oldest daughter is here and she encouraged me to keep looking and walla! I found them. She thought they were awesome sauce!!! HA!

    I would love to start something new. Count me in if there is an interest.

    I hope you had a wonderful celebration for the 4th. We watched the Macy’s fireworks on TV and they were fantastic.


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