As Little Children: Growing Up

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AUGUST THEME: As Little Children

Growing up . . .

ONE CHARACTERISTIC ALL CHILDREN SHARE IS THAT THEY WANT TO GROW UP—to be like big brother or sister or like their parents. When we are born again, we become SPIRITUAL NEWBORN babies. If we are Healthy, we will YEARN to grow. How sad it is that SOME PEOPLE NEVER GROW UP. The need for milk is a natural instinct for a baby, and it signals the desire for nourishment that will lead to growth. Once we see OUR NEED for God’s Word and begin to FIND Nourishment in Christ, our Spiritual Appetite will increase, and we will start to MATURE. How strong is YOUR DESIRE for God’s Word?

Lily’s Meditations on 1 Peter 2:2-3

My friend Lily rises early each day. She works a full time job managing an office and keeps a beautiful home filling each wall with – literally – God’s Word.



Her early morning hours are spent IN His Word – after which she posts snippets of fruitfulness from her devotions to her friends on Facebook (note above). It is one of the first things I look for each morning when I arise to begin my devotional reading each day.

Lily gives generous hugs and smiles when she sees you – with sparkling eyes. She is a polished, graceful beauty walking in confidence and tranquility whenever I see her. If she’s talking about the Lord it’s with animation and elation – like a child who can’t stop talking about her favorite thing. Lily practices hospitality on an almost professional scale, and the best way you can bless her is to ask her to pray for you.

When I grow up – I want to be Lily. A woman of faith with a child’s heart.

child praying

There are many things that separate the “childish” from the “childlike. This is an important distinction to understand when attempting to apply Jesus’ exhortation to come to Him “as little children.” I believe Lily addressed an important aspect of this Biblical truth very well in her devotional comment above.

Children depend on their parents for food and sustenance. They come to them EXPECTING to be filled with a complete and balanced meal that will be nutrient dense and select for their particular needs. Babies drink milk. Toddlers chew soft foods. Youngsters learn to eat new and varied foods as their taste buds mature and their understanding of dietary science expands. They learn to CHOOSE quality foods over the immaturity of junk foods. Their goal is growth.

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Childish behavior at the dinner table involves the throwing of food, the wearing of food and fits of temper when refusing food. Food, that is supplied by a loving parent for the nourishment and growth of the child – is snubbed, scorned, abused and disregarded. Exasperated parents often concede to highly processed, chemical rich, sugary junk foods just to put something in their stomach.

God, forgive me. I’ve been that parent.

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Childlike behavior at the dinner table is far more attractive. Giddy expectancy and delight, with twinkling eyes and shrieks of glee, might accompany the little one rushing to take her seat at the table, eager for the main dish to be set before her. She has smelled the scent of spices and ingredients that has whet her appetite while blissfully at play. She skips to the kitchen begging to know what’s for dinner. Her enthusiasm to embrace the meal spills out in squeals of delight as she jumps up and down giving thanks to the parent whose hands have so lovingly prepared such good things to eat.

1 Peter 2:2-3, Bible

Didn’t your heart overflow with joy when your children shouted your praises on the days you prepared their favorite foods? Their laughter and hearty appetites blessed your socks off as you partook of their joy – blessings all around. Such childlike behavior fosters good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

And, growth.

But, what about those meals that were so good for the child, but they did not want to eat – or worse – might downright REFUSE to eat? How your heart would break! You were doing all you knew to best prepare a balanced meal, but were met with shouts of discord. The child might dilly-dally, barely dragging themselves to the table. The squirming and whining would commence and frustration would gather like a cloud over suppertime. Childish behavior such as this puts a wedge between parent and child. Eating times become war zones. Us and Them battle on the field fighting to claim the victory of the Lima Bean – or retreat successfully from same.

May it never be so when God’s Word calls us to Himself.

Lord, we are hungry. Feed us to full! May we lap up every jot and tittle with gleeful praise as we squeal with delight at the table of the Lord! There may be spoonfuls that are hard to swallow. Give us grace to overcome the taste until it is honey to our lips – and we are grown. May we ever be childlike in our spiritual diets – expectant and grateful for every morsel and syllable towards our ultimate growth and maturity.

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Challenge: Make time to bless and nurture the hungry “little child” within. Your grown-up world needs the respite. God has something to minister to you in that place . . .

If you humble yourself as a little child and meet Him there . . .

With eyes to see and ears to hear . . .

And arms open wide for His embrace.

This is the 4th installment of Word & Image August 2014: As Little Children.

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  1. You have expressed it right. There is a difference between child like behavior and childishness. Thank you.

  2. Lord, I am hungry. Feed me to full!

    Yes, yes, and yes! Amen to the childlike little girl that lives within me and desires with gleeful anticipation the moments of communion with her Friend, her Savior…JESUS!


  3. To come to Him as a child, this is the secret. Blessings!

  4. I absolutely looove wall words and am looking at some, as we speak, for a stair wall in my new home.
    Re: copy catting
    Yes,indeed, we all look to ea other for ideas to decorate our home…the fun part, tho,is when you copy someone or something and show BOTH of them…sometimes the copy isn’t a copy at all but an idea…and sometimes, one wants to copy their inspiration to the tee.
    It isn’t nearly as much fun for ME to hang a wreath on the wall, say I saw one hanging on another bloggers wall and publish it.
    I’d much rather show THEIR photos, with their permission of course) give a friendly link to their blog and either copy it or just get inspiration from it. It’s just more fun for me that way. 🙂

  5. Oh how I needed this today! So much sadness right now and all I can do is depend on Him! Having child like faith is the key to understanding. I think the Lord feds us little tidbits so we don’t get overwhelmed. I feel like such a strong Christian one day and I feel like a failure the next. I just know I have to keep on His side. Thank you for all your beautiful words. Hugs.Anne

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