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I came into the Five Minute Friday realms towards the end of founder, Lisa Jo Baker’s reign. She’s passed the torch to Kate Motaung at Heading Home and the party is still on! The writing prompt is given Thursday evenings at 10:00pm and participant bloggers free write on the topic for five minutes – then post.

Gah! Without editing??

That’s a toughie and I admit – I fine tuned my posts in the past. However – today I think I might give it a shot. The prompt is FILL.

Ready . . . Set . . . Go . . .

Fill the baby jars with sand. That was the direction at VBS this week.

Little hands, and little bowls of different colored sand, and little spoons, and little funnels, worked feverishly to make art in a jar layering multi-colored sand one after another. Each a unique work of art sealed up tight under glass.

sand art, VBS, writers reverie, Philippians 1:11

It was a simple project for four year olds and up. They all had a blast.

But the one rule they were asked to follow proved too much a temptation: Don’t shake it up!

If you fill your jar with the colors, seal it tight and keep it still. It needs to be set on a shelf – bringing joy at the sight of it – like that light on a hill. Blue, white, pink, green, yellow, orange in varying depths and patterns . . . lovely!

But – if you shake it: BROWN!

Gah! – No more unique colors to be seen, just one big mess of all brown in the jar – looking much like the dirt in the garden.

Alas. Our young artists have yet many lessons to learn in the making of a lasting artistic impact. Far too many jars found their way home after church . . . shook up and browned out.

Oh, Lord, may we allow You to fill us with Your colors in all the glories of Jesus! Seal Him up tight in us – and may we not be moved or shaken when the enemy tries to turn our art in Him to dime-a-dozen brown dirt.

If only . . .


And . . . to that end . . . sorry. I can’t leave so many typing errors.

And, perhaps just one image? And a verse? Please . . .

With my own wish for you to take joy in your filling today – not shaken by anything that would dull the vibrancy of your colors in Christ – unmoved and sealed up and shining!

Walk it!

Miss Kathy, writer's reverie, butterfly

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  1. Love this! Working with Kindergartens I totally understand the temptation of shaking that jar of sands and seeing those colors blend together! Still vibrant, just combined.

  2. I work with the youth and I think this would be a great object lesson even for them. Especially if I made one ahead of time and shook it up in front of them so that they could see it turn brown. Love these words. May we not be moved and shaken!!!!

  3. What a stunning application! Loved it .. Thanks for joining in!

  4. What a beautiful illustration! I love your individual take on the word ‘fill’ and how it has lessons here for all age groups. May we always seek to be filled with His goodness, grace, mercy and righteousness. Blessings to you, Kathy, for this lovely post! 🙂 x

  5. I teach preschoolers in Sunday School. This would make a great craft idea, and I am sure there would be some shaking. Nice to meet you from the Five Minute Friday!

  6. Very nicely done, for a challenge with no editing allowed (and as for typing errors, eek, I hope they don’t really expect participants to leave the posts full of those!) You have a beautiful blog here, Kathy; it radiates love and joy! I just came across it today, and will certainly be back to read more! I’ve added it to a list of positive blogs I keep on my own site. 🙂

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