Kid Lit: “I Want to Read Too!”

It’s time to be getting the kids ready to go back to school. In some states school is already in session this first week of August!

Whether your kids are in public, private, Christian or enjoying the homeschool experience, the littlest ones often feel left out when big brother and sister get all the back-to-school attention. They want to go to school, too.  And, often – even better – they want to be able to read like brother Dick or sister Jane.

That’s where Bob comes in . . .

Theme: I Want to Read, Too!
Book: BOB Books
Author: Bobby Lynn Maslen Illustrator: John R. Maslen
EAN: BOB Box : Beginning Readers – 9780439845007

bob books

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Early literacy is a sure stepping stone to successfully meeting the academic challenges of today. It prepares our youth for wisdom, intelligence, and responsible productivity as citizen/servants in society tomorrow. Children grow into reading readiness at various levels. Prudent parents will seek to make their home literacy friendly through the establishment of healthy daily routines, discipline and balance in play activity, the careful selection of toys, and enthusiastic presentation of books and read aloud experiences.

The day eventually comes when your little one will express their desire to read by themselves. My son announced this goal as his own at the tender age of three with the purpose of being able to read his Bible by himself. He was obsessed with mastering whatever it took to read alone. Like a little soldier out to conquer new lands, he looked to me, his commanding general, to provide a means to his end. It was challenging, but by four, he was doing the Dick and Jane thing surprisingly well. Even so, I wonder what reading adventures we might have enjoyed if I had known about BOB!

Master teacher, Bobby (BOB) Lynn Maslen has created the “just so” set of early reading books for the very earliest of readers. These small books come packaged in five box sets. Each box introduces reading concepts, letters, and phonics in a systematic method building the mastery of one letter/one skill at a time. The simple texts are complimented with equally simple black and white drawings by John R. Maslen, that invite coloring and imitation.

For instance, in Box 1 Book 1, we meet “Mat” who is made up of one big circle and one little circle, and has a friend named “Sam” who happens to look very much like a perfect triangle. The fun begins when “Mat sat.” This first little story introduces four letters and a sight word. Youngsters cheer their achievement and can’t wait to astound mom with their mastery of the second of twelve little story books in BOB Box 1 for Beginning Readers – and beyond! Books in the series grow the reader one skill set at a time all the way to the more complex matters of grammar, phonics and sentence/story structure.

Follow-up Activity: The BOB Books come with no parental directions. Use your imagination to create a complete and interactive BOB Books experience. First the letters and sounds are introduced, then the reading, then breakout the crayons to color the pictures, and the drawing paper to draw the simple lined characters. Find ways to play games that connect to the story read. For instance, how about a fun game of Musical Chairs where your youngster enjoys the act of “sitting” as much as Mat and Sam do in book one when they both “sat”. Other books lend themselves to activities and games imitating the action of the story. Your little one may even be inspired with play ideas to make the stories and their reading experience an early literacy memory maker with mom!

NOTE: The Writer’s Reverie Kid’s Lit Book Reviews are reprints of the Miss Kathy’s Tale Spin Stories Book Reviews monthly column by Kathryn Ross, previously published in South Jersey MOM Magazine. The BOB Books review was published in the August 2008 edition of the magazine, Adrienne Richardson, publisher.  Re-printed with permission.

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  1. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I encourage our grandchildren to read ( anything other than text messages, giggle) Hugs!

  2. WE had some of these when my daughters were learning to read. This past year I had the fun of helping my granddaughter learn to read. it was such a privilege and joy! I supply the kids with lots of books on their interests and my daughter does, too. We’re making readers out of all four! ~Pamela

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