Letter to My Young Self

Equal portions of joy and sorrow fill my life bank, each precipitated by decisions made at specific moments in my personal history. Mid-life arrives in due season with wisdom-miles traveled and tolls paid. How might such wisdom have impacted my youthful choices were I able to advise me?

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Dear Young Me,

Embrace this truth: You are not of this world.

You are made in the unique mold of an artist. A poet. With eyes to see things often missed by others. You know you are different in the innermost parts of your soul and spirit. This is a treasured gift from God who created you for greater things.

Contrary to a misguided appraisal of yourself, you are not a misfit. You are, in fact, perfectly fitted to the call God has placed on your life. Seek Him in your youth! Settle for nothing less than that which nurtures His call. You have permission to fill your life with things to produce the fulfillment of His purposes for your life. Never doubt that Divine permission, even when voices of convention try to undermine it.

I am proud of how you stick to your vision as a creative communicator – though you have had precious little in your young life to mentor you in the fullness of your raw gifts. You have endured ridicule and been passed over socially in your steadfastness to the passion of your calling. Even so, in secret you nurse open wounds, finding little relief from the cuts and scrapes of disapproval your peers use to rate you. Meditating on their condemnation, you learn to wear a smile on the surface, bandaging the fear and shame within. Anxiety becomes your companion.

I do not recommend this as a lifestyle. It delays joy and binds liberty, the platform from which your call to creativity is to be fashioned. It steals the fullness of your gift from developing with purpose earlier in life. You learn to hide your light, playing the games others require of you – even when you don’t believe in them.

Seek the face of God! His approval is all that is required of you. Such a choice in the early years fortifies you against Shame, Anxiety and Fear, and provides direction for your life.

Choosing direction in life is a huge responsibility. But remember, you seek an elusive treasure – something you can’t yet grasp. It’s a good thing to cautiously commit to the convention of higher worldly education. Meandering about on the fringe as a part time student taking random classes, you allow room for on the job training and one-on-one mentoring experiences in other venues – Divinely appointed.

Take heart – you may not know what you’re doing, but God does. Follow His lead, though it sometimes looks foolish to others. Endurance and hurdles force creative responses. You’ll grow on this path, and in the journey, whether you know it or not, you’ll be used to God’s glory.

This circuitous route may leave you with little to show for it in earthly coffers. In God’s economy, this earthly weakness makes you strong. Stand firm in that strength. Seek Godly mentors and service. Nothing can replace such richness in your life. Hold fast to creativity in every facet of living. Share the fullness of whatever God gives you with other kindred spirits struggling to walk in the same calling. You will know them when you see them.

In all things know Christ before you, Christ behind you, Christ beside you – on your left and your right. He will bring to pass a satisfied heart and peace in your purpose.

This post was specifically written for The High Calling Community’s special link-up – A Letter to My Younger Self.

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  1. This post really spoke to my heart.
    I do wish I had spoke to my heart when I was younger.
    I am thankful God never gave up on me, even when I gave up on me.
    I was able to glorify God today by sharing where He has brought me from.
    This was to someone who is going through it now.

    God Bless

  2. YES, YES, YES1 Thank you <3

  3. The artist, the dreamer, the hope-filled teen is rarely popular. In fact, those same qualities as an adult don’t always go over. But this world needs people just like you!

    On behalf of the High Calling, thank you so much for participating in the Link Up . All week long we are delving into this topic, so check back often at http://www.TheHighCalling.com. Your post, along with others, appears here. http://new.inlinkz.com//luwpview.php?id=436727.

    David Rupert, Community Editor

  4. That is a very special letter. It seems as if such an exercise might bring clarity of purpose and to see how God has worked in your life.

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