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Well, it looks like everyone’s been so busy coming to the end of summer this month, that we’ve all been dancing around our long lists of “to-do’s” – with the Writer’s Blogging Challenge coming in a little late for me and three blogging gals.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was featured at Enthusiastically Dawn’s place as a Blogging Gal answering four questions about why and how I write. Read my answers HERE.

It was around the time I went to the writer’s conference in the Philadelphia area at the #GPCWC where I knew I’d meet kindred bloggers.

Which I did!

I featured them with the challenge that they post and answer the writing questions, introducing three blogging kindreds of their own. We’ve all finally gotten a chance to publish and I just wanted to share all the goodies!!

Toni Campbell – Can I just say “kindred spirit” – yep! She has a theatrical background, too! If she lived closer – I’d cast her in one of my plays. She’s got great delivery, sings and has ‘character actress’ written all over her. Leading ladies are easy – it’s filling the character roles that are usually tough. I loved her warm heart and thoughtful way. Here’s what Toni has to say about herself by the lakeside . . .

Toni Campbell loves God, her kids, baking, chocolate!, and walking along the shores of her beloved lake – the setting for her blog. She shares the lessons God teaches her through the stories of everyday life and also writes devotions and (very) occasional poetry. Toni’s passion is equipping others to show God’s love through practical acts of service (Gal. 6:9) via Community Connections the outreach ministry of her church. Her life and ministry are living proof of the truth found in Ephesians 3:20 as God continues to do abundantly more than she could ever imagine. Find Toni at Lakeside Lessons, and on Facebook  and Twitter.



Read Toni ruminating on The Writing Process and Other Weighty Questions Answered @ Lakeside Lessons


Susan Panzica – The first words that popped into my mind when I saw Susan were “grace and elegance.” Her inviting personality made me want to sip a cuppa and hear her story. Alas – there was scant time for a proper tea to be found at the conference, but what moments I did spend with Susan showed me a gentle woman with depth and a heart for ministry. Her passion for encouraging women is readily seen through her warmth – and in her words . . .

Susan is a wife and mom who manages her chiropractor husband’s office by day and writes by night. She writes a personal blog called Eternity Cafe that brings an eternal perspective to earthly matters by sharing stories of everyday life that reflect the eternal truths of God. Susan is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Justice Network which raises awareness of human trafficking and support for organizations locally and globally that are already on the front lines fighting this heinous evil.

Susan Panzica


Here’s Susan’s take at Let Me Introduce You and Blog Hops @ Susan Allen Panzica – Bringing an Eternal Perspective to Earthly Matters

Jewell Utt – Sitting across from Jewell for lunch one day, we realized the hour break for eating was not nearly enough to explore all the interesting commonplaces we shared – not the least of which was blogging and a heart for enriching women’s lives. Jewell’s expression welcomed me at the first – her face is set with a smile and a joyful glint in her eye as though she knows something wonderful and can’t wait to share it with you. Which she does through her speaking and writing . . . and blogging . . .

Break my heart for what breaks your. Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause. (Hosanna by Hillsong) Jewell Utt is the Director of a community food pantry. Her passion is to share words of encouragement through writing, music and teaching. She is the Women’s Ministry Leader at her church as well as Community Events Coordinator. Serving God is a family affair. Her husband of 35 years and three grown sons are partners in ministry. Find her blogging at Jewell Utt: Passion-Purpose-Promise!

jewell utt


 Jewell makes a statement with It’s a Blog Hop @ Jewell: Passion ~ Purpose ~ Promise

I know you’ll be blessed and prone to dancing, too, when you see what these smart and sharp Blogging Gals have to say on life, love and pursuing God’s call in their lives to write His Words, touching lives for LIFE in Jesus Christ!

Enjoy the kinship and leave a comment for blessing!

Love you, my gals!!

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