3-2-1 Launch PubSlush!

Launch Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014

On the Threshold of Publication!

That’s the day I’ve been working towards for the past 10 years!

Exactly ten years ago this week, in September of 2004, I debuted at a local bookstore in my first performance as the story lady “Miss Kathy” of Pageant Wagon Productions LLC with Tale Spin Stories. Every Tuesday morning at 10:30, I introduced Toby Talespinner, our storytelling mouse friend who met everyone each week, calling them by name, and allowing them to pet him hello.

Three youngsters came with their moms that first day.

In less than a year, Tale Spin Stories outgrew the bookstore and soon the Cumberland Mall picked up my option, putting me center court where kid audiences ranged from 25 to over 70 each week. We had special event days and special guests and always interactive stories, songs, and play-alongs, plus the much anticipated Show & Tell, where youngsters sat on Miss Kathy’s lap to share a toy or achievement.




We became a family. Many of the moms and grandmoms became my friends. I performed in various community venues and was always delighted to see former preschool Talespinners in the audience when I’d do a story or literacy program at one of the schools.

After seven very successful years, I laid Tale Spin Stories down at a huge farewell performance with over 100 Talespinners bidding me adieu.

I sensed new horizons were upon me – but looking forward felt more dark than light. I continued my freelance enrichment programs and worked with homeschool families, but after three long years I found myself in a season of incubation. A waiting time – though I didn’t quite know what I was was waiting for.

Summer 2013 I decided to follow the pinhole of light I finally began to see, pointing me towards a return to the pursuit of print publication. In the last decade during all my busy, the book industry and publishing landscape had dramatically changed.

Over the past twelve months, the light has slowly brightened. All things appeared to be falling into place, making what I was in waiting for clear. The time had come to break out of my incubation egg so I could grow into greater things –

[Tweet “To realize a life long dream — publish my own books!”]

Publish my own books as an expansion of Pageant Wagon Productions LLC into Pageant Wagon Publishing!

But, it had been nine years since I’d been connected with professional publishing circles. My work load kept me busy with years of writing, directing, producing, performing and teaching my Miss Kathy programs, in addition to original stage play theatricals with the Pageant Wagon Players Melodrama Family Theatre, Drama on the Vine at church, and the Pageant Wagon Parable Players Home School Theatre.


Cast Photo

There was no time for print publishing when I was publishing via stage performance.  Book publication seemed so high and unattainable to me, even though books and bookselling were a huge part of my life. I specialized in literacy awareness programs and wrote a children’s book review column for the monthly South Jersey MOM Magazine for four years. Plus, a love of books and the book industry is something I have always shared with my husband, a career bookseller – formerly with an independent store and currently with Barnes & Noble.

In hindsight I can see the Lord was slowly closing doors to all the familiar places of my career activities. Over the past three plus years my working life felt like a series of false starts – and then stops. The only thing visible – staring me square in the face while drawing me towards it in unbelief – was the long forgotten dream of publishing!

[Tweet “If you’re busy looking at what’s breaking down, you’ll be blind to what’s been built up! “]

Something of great value had been rising up over the past ten years. The platform I had built, the contacts made, the resume added to, the skill sets gained – were individually modest at best. But, all of these things taken together became a different story. Suddenly, I was able to see how God had put me in a place that made me not just marketable as a writer to be published – but viable as a writer able to publish independently!

It took the keen eyes of a peer professional in the publishing industry to point this out to me at the #GPCWC writer’s conference this summer. She refused to publish me. Rather she wanted to mentor me to become my own publisher!

Now, how many years have I been praying for a professional mentor???

Glory! God answers prayer!!

The writers conference was where all the puzzle pieces dropped into place, making the big picture clear to me. Since that time, God has provided a talented support staff around me who share the vision of Pageant Wagon. There is a learning curve for what I don’t yet know – but the significant hurdles are overcome.

But for the finances.

How many great works of art, inspiring books, life changing inventions, or innovative niche business ideas never see the light of day due to a lack of capital funds?

Enter the genius of CROWDFUNDING – a tool largely unheard of ten years ago. But, in the past few years CROWDFUNDING websites have made it possible for financial needs to be met, underwriting great works of art, inspiring books, life changing inventions, and innovative niche business ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day.

Which brings us to the launchpad – at PubSlush!

PubSlush is a niche crowdfunding platform.

With our specialized focus on the literary world, Pubslush is able to cater our services to authors, publishing professionals and literary trendsetters. Our personalized customer service helps to ensure the success of Pubslush projects and offers valuable tools and services to help our campaigners succeed on Pubslush and beyond.

Excerpt from the PubSlush Website About Page

Up until six weeks ago I could not have conceived how I might achieve all the potential I knew I was sitting on. I felt like I was going to be stuck in my egg indefinitely – not able to see how provision might be made to grow into greater things.

That’s the theme of the first Fable Springs Parables story I wrote in 2007, intending it as a picture book with metaphorical principals to be drawn out and applied to one’s life. A story to minister to children of all ages – the kind of storytelling I’d been doing for years. A good story written with depth and insight can minister to anyone at any age. These were the kinds of stories I like to write.

Trouble is – I needed an illustrator. Little did I know at the time, in 2007 when I wrote Mother Chicken’s Eggs, that my future illustrator was just 11 years old – a sweet young girl I knew from church.

In 2014, she is a beautiful, mature young lady with a natural talent and keen insight, gifted beyond her years.

Noah head shot

Noah Berge began in the summer of 2013 to toy around with illustrating the first of the tales I’d written for Fable Springs Parables titled, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things.

Title Page Final w-seal-gold

Prophetic – right?

I dreamed of publishing it! But, the door didn’t open for me with the opportunity to do so until I stepped out in faith and went to the #GPCWC writer’s conference in July for the first time in almost ten years. After so long incubating, you can get pretty used to being stuck in one place. But, changing seasons force new choices. I made the choice to break out of my egg – even though I could not see how the thing might be done.

Six weeks later, here I sit preparing the marketing for my PubSlush campaign running from September 18 through October 23. After a full decade – and much desert wandering with prayer – I am finally on the threshold for what I know I’ve been diligently prepared. My 3.5 years of blogging has been a huge part of moving me into this position. The time is right.

Won’t you help me step fully into this new place of expanded ministry?

Click on this link to see my PubSlush Crowdfunding Campaign and video book trailer with all the details!


eggs w-caterpillar

Seek & Find Coby Caterpillar – a whimsical addition to the storytelling where his story, hidden in the illustrations, mirrors the story told in the text!

Your generous contribution will move me beyond hopes and dreams to fulfillment and reality, where the vision I’ve always had for telling His Story through story can touch a broader scope of audience and impact more lives with all good things and beauty!

Thank you for your support and encouragement as my Blogland readers and friends.

It’s make it or break it time – and I’m ready to fly!

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  1. Dear Miss Kathy (Kathryn), Please forgive me for this late comment. This has been a crazy busy week.

    I am thrilled that you are finding the way for your dream of publishing which I know are wonderful stories. Your career and accomplishments in the area of writing, acting and being a story teller for children is awesome. I am mesmerized reading your post tonight. Your journey has been a long one but I believe your prayers have been answered. I believe in prayer!!! I am going to check out FablesSpringsParables, Pubslush next.
    Congratulations and best wishes Kathy,
    Love, Jeanne

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