Fall Teatime with Mother Chicken

Welcome Fall and Teatime in Blogland!

What a whirlwind of a summer I had! I completely missed all the summer teatimes in the swirl of all my life changing busy!

Fall finds me trying to get my bearings in the middle of the biggest thing I have ever set myself to do! Stopping for tea with harvest themes and a couple dear friends is just the thing. Perfect for my return to teatime joys with all of you. Love my table?

Emma loved it, too . . .

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I whipped up some pumpkin scones (box mix) and my own concoction GF mini-muffin cookies that popped with flavor!

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I might have gone a little overboard on the nutmeg – but the strongest flavor was the raw honey. Combined with mini-chocolate chips and diced walnuts in a base of GF oats, GF all purpose flour and almond meal – randomly added til I got the right texture – plus a tablespoon of organic chia seeds for health and binding it together . . . well . . . YUMMY!!!

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Haley and her mom, Donna, were coming for tea! You’ve met Haley before – my young blogging buddy who just returned from Ireland with more wins this year in the All Ireland Fiddle Championships!

Tuneful Journeys, Haley Richardson, Ireland, Fiddle

Haley at a picturesque overlook in Sligo, Ireland between competitions.

This was the first chance we’ve had since she returned in August to get together. I wanted to hear all about her trip!

Almond Cookies Green Tea was steeping and the table set with DIY napkin rings I made years ago.


I had thought to use the relish leaf dishes for the jelly spreads, but loved them as the dessert plate instead. I paired them with a Shelley, Rosina, and Queen Anne cup and saucer for each of us – and my favorite fall motif teapot from Victoria Trading Company.




However, the star of the show was Mother Chicken!


Just brought her home this week from my friend’s tea shop at Across the Pond. She is special because she’s sporting three spreaders – two chicks hatched and one chick still in the egg.

Whimsical – to be sure. But, also the vision and theme of the first in my picture book series from Fable Springs Parables – Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things.


Here we have two little chicks who have hatched out of their eggs to grow into their greater purpose as spreaders in the cherry and blueberry fruit spreads I served to compliment the pumpkin scones. Delicious!


However, the other chick remains in the nest. Stuck in his egg.


Just like my story, inspired by a quote from C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity:

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”

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I’ve included the details of this exciting project today! Here’s what’s been monopolizing my summer and why you haven’t seen me stopping by for tea for a while!

Oh – do take the time to see what amazing things have come my way!

You can help me step fully into what is before me! 

My future teatimes will be whimsical visits to the fictional Fable Springs Village I’ve created for this story series – and, in particular, the Tete-a-Tete Tearoom where the ladies gather for tea and conversation. Fable Springs looks very much like the idyllic English country village I’d love to live in – and my talented illustrator has brought it to life in the style of Beatrix Potter.

Fable Springs Parables, Mother Chicken's Eggs

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Read on as I tell all in my Summer 2014 Recap . . .


When last you heard of Miss Kathy, she was gearing up to attend the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference at the end of July.

June started all the crazy! I could barely post once a week – and scaled back to devotional thoughts and memes just to keep something new on my blog on a regular basis. A renewing retreat early in the month, and a trip to see that grand girl of mine in New England later in the month with hubby, made quick work of June.

July became all about writing book proposals and narrowing down my manuscript to its absolute best in preparation for appointments with editors and publishers at the writer’s conference the end of the month. Many midnight hours and overwhelmed days brought me closer to my goals – and a conference in pursuit of print publication. I hadn’t been to a writer’s conference for nine years! Most of my writing this past decade has been for performance and teaching programs. But, in the past year, I have felt the Lord changing direction and putting me back on the path for print publishing – a dream of mine I thought has passed me by.

August was all about regrouping after an exhilarating four days at the conference where I attracted positive attention – even winning the writing contest for published authors in the poetry division with a piece I had submitted almost at the last minute! I was shocked at all the blessings of peer professional circles that began to open for me and the two publishers that took a keen interest in my work.

So keen, in fact – that they don’t want to publish me.

They want to MENTOR me as an independent publisher with my own imprint – Pageant Wagon Publishing.

Once again – the Lord is not making this easy. He is, however, making it clear – walk ye in this way . . . and TRUST HIM!

September finds me with a team of talented professionals at the ready to bring to life in print and audio book the world of Fable Springs Parables – truth-telling tales in the tradition of the classics! Everthing is in place to make this publishing dream come true with a quality product – including five publishing projects on the drawing board to be in print and on my book table when I’m speaking at conferences and seminars by Christmas 2015!

Only ONE things stands in the way of achieving these goals: Funding the Enterprise.

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The internet has been a glorious tool for bringing us together each week for tea from all over the world. It has also made it possible for artists, writers, inventors, and small business ideas to get the financing they need to launch their dream through “crowdfunding”. People who believe in you and your work can donate financial gifts at various levels of affordability until you reach your funding goal. Every little bit helps – and can make the difference of a lifetime to those struggling to make the bills each month. Those who don’t have the words “publishing budget” in their vocabulary.

A successful Pubslush Crowdfunding Campaign can change all that.

With my successful campaign, I can finance the start-up of Pageant Wagon Publishing with the Beatrix Potter style picture book series and study guides – Fable Springs Parables.

Fable Springs Parables, Pageant Wagon Publishng

I will be able to professionally produce:

  • A quality hardcover picture book for children of all ages
  • The companion study guide for Christian devotions, homeschool studies, women’s ministries and more
  • An E-book version for download
  • Signed and numbered prints of select original illustrations with inspirational verses, suitable for framing 
  • A CD narration with original music by All Ireland Fiddle Champion, Haley Richardson of Tuneful Journeys
  • A professional website for Pageant Wagon Publishing
  • Groundwork for the second book in the Fable Springs Parables Series
  • The possible publication of smaller projects for women and children

Please take a minute to visit the campaign website at:


There are various giving levels to fit many purses and generous hearts – with gift/rewards to show our appreciation.

Can you help me move into this exciting new vista of my career as a storyteller –

Telling stories that lead to all good things and beauty –

A precious and necessary vocation in these troubled times . . .

You can help me with a donation and sharing the need among your friends who would love a book series like this for their family. The campaign ends on October 23rd – then we’re on the way with the picture book release in December – just in time for Christmas!

Help me to hatch out of my egg and grow into greater things –

Raising our teacups for fall, and the awe of the call, in Christ!

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  1. My what a lovely autumn tea with a special, talented guest. Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. What exciting news! You’ve found a wonderful illustrator to bring your story to life. the “new” beatrix potter! Fun and lovely tea. I think Mother Chicken is the “cat’s pajamas”!!!! 🙂 Happy Tea Day and congratulations.

  3. Wow! Kathy, what a busy lady you have been over the last few months. I wish you much success in your ventures. I am excited for you, my friend! I am enamoured by your Fable Springs Village. How very charming and I’m sure will be well received by everyone. Beatrix Potter has long been a favourite story teller for many of us and yours sounds like another we can fall in love with. Your teacups are lovely, especially loving the Shelley, and your Mother Chicken and eggs are adorable while being useful too. What a sweet conversation piece she would be at tea time. Thank you so much for sharing this at Tea Time and Happy Autumn to you.


  4. I do love your chicken mom…so cute! And of course the Shelley Heather! The illustrations of Tete-aTete tearoom is perfect! So exciting for you! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! This post game me a feeling of peace and comfort 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Found you on Thursday Favorite Things blog hop!

  6. What a lovely tea today. And that Rooster is too cute.

  7. … wow … Kathryn, you have been busy…. what wonderful things you are doing… the print publishing sounds great…
    I love your tea party with Mother Hen, and the delicious looking Pumpkinmuffins… yummo….
    Hugs ,,, Barb xx

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