Memorial Stones: Pathways to Peace

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SEPTEMBER THEME: Memorial Stones

Pathways to Peace – Sweetened with Joy

Mid-day rolls around and I’m ready to put the kettle on!

That first sip of perfectly steeped tea is positively transporting! It is something I keenly look forward to each morning and afternoon – and then again just before bed. A steady supply of life renewing tea is a daily pleasure for which I am truly thankful. It is a luxury for some – so I am not ignorant of the lush blessing God allows it to be in my life.

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A Memorial Stone.

I remember the peace of coming home after a loud and exhausting school day to find Mother boiling the water and setting teacups and saucers for us kids. Perhaps a cookie if she baked that week. Teatime transports me to the sense of home and cozy and simpler times with less cares.

Sometimes I just close my eyes and remember, drinking in the joy of the moment.

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Teatime was a habit, trained in my youth, taught to me by my mom. There was a season of my life, for many years, when I strayed from it.

I started drinking coffee.

In paper cups.

Filled with refined sugars and chemical flavoring.

I was captivated by the popularity of it and since everyone at the table ordered coffee, I didn’t want to be the odd man out ordering tea.

A popular culture will do that, ya know. Captivate you. A slow burn of deception. Leading you down a path of stomach upsets and caffeine intolerances.

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Eventually, you get serious about finding a remedy and are ready to do anything to escape your captivity. Even to the point of . . . going back.


Remembering the Memorial Stone of how I was raised as a tea drinker, I returned. Wiser for it – adopting green tea and herbals as my go-to beverage. Joy tingling my tastebuds in that first sip . . . Peace flooding my well being as I found healing and rest for my soul in that place.


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Jeremiah spent his prophetic life warning Israel against all the caffeine captivators out there, so popular with all the other idol worshiping nations. Eventually, though, he was forced to follow them into their captivity when the Babylonian popular culture took them as a stronghold for seventy years!

Jeremiah lamented. Eventually, Israel relented – and tired of bitter drinks.

It was time to look back . . . time to GO BACK . . . to restorative teatimes and Memorial Stones of former things.


As I sip my afternoon tea today, I think of our nation and the critical crossroad at which we stand. I pray we nix the popular culture mantra of living only for today with godless dreams of the future, driving human societies to a level of idolatry and deception . . . a place of captivity . . . that will exceed any hole man has ever before dug for himself in our epic history of existence.

Ancient ways and old paths – worthy places of remembrance – MUST be restored to our daily thinking and reasoning for a sane present and hopeful future.

“The past must be more than a memory; it must be a ministry.”

Warren Wiersbe

When we look back with a grateful heart, repentant spirit, and prayerful attitude to hear the voice of the Lord in bygone times – His Story – we have cause for celebration and confidence to meet our present circumstances with valor.


Truly – this is the power of the God of Hope, when we Trust Him, knowing the habit of His training in our lives . . .

Taking the sweetener of Joy in our cuppa Peace tea . . .

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Challenge: Make time to stop, remember and be directed by the goodness of the Lord in your life. Your rushing, crushing, crisis-prone world needs the respite. God has something to minister to you in the place of remembrance . . .

If you humble yourself with a heart of gratitude and meet Him there . . .

With eyes to see and ears to hear . . .

And arms open wide for His embrace.

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  1. Like a perfectly brewed cup of tea, this post has refreshed my spirit and sweetened my day!

    Thank you for your always inspiring and encouraging posts, dear friend.


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