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OCTOBER THEME: Making Masterpieces

Patience in the Paint

Ouch! That hurts!

The tube of paint is punctured. Pressure is applied to its narrow metal casing. Now, a concentrated liquid slime pours out in a smooth clump like toothpaste squeezed onto a brush. It is a cleansing ritual.

Toothpaste – cleansing the mouth of germs and odor.

Paint – cleansing the canvas of its blank purpose.

Re-Creation is at hand! Cleansing colors blend – one swept into another with the strokes of a brush. Or the slap of a knife. Color layered upon color. Paint tubes emptied of their treasures, set free from a darkened enclosure to dance in shape and line in glorious light for all to see.

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Ephesians 2:10, painting, masterpiece

But – never apart from Pain, Puncture, and Pressure. 

And, only in the hallowed realm of Patience.

It is the work an Artist is called TO DO. Poetry in image, painting a thousand words. It is the work of God in our lives as His Creation – one layer of paint at a time . . . over time.

His workmanship created to be a reflection of Himself – as any great work of art is reflective of its Maker. 

Destined for framing and gallery exhibition in the world at large.

No two alike.

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Masterpiece Fellowship

We ended the month of September with the start of our new home fellowship group focusing on ministering to the needs of Christians who happen to be artists, seeking to grow in their craft and their understanding of how God would use their artistic gifts to impact lives for His glory! 

Ed and I had been praying about starting a home fellowship for a couple of years, but only this past summer did we fine tune the vision for the group. As artists, we have often felt like our creative gifts needed the fellowship of others to advance and grow. Our desire in the place of discipleship and mentoring others through the arts seemed the best focus for a group that we would host. We are so excited about some of the creative outreaches we’re planning in the coming year – opportunities for musicians, fiber artists, sculptors, painters, writers, and crafters to bring together their arts in ministry one to another, as we explore God’s Word through our art, and find venues for sharing in the community.  

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

Masterpiece Fellowship

Next week I’ll share a couple of the arts devotionals we discovered in our first fellowship meeting. So enriching! 

Challenge: Make time to stop, and appreciate the Masterpiece of the Lord in your life. Your rushing, crushing, crisis-prone world needs the respite. God has something to minister to you in the beauty of artistic creation – the life He is crafting in you . . .

If you humble yourself with a heart of gratitude and meet Him there . . .

With eyes to see and ears to hear . . .

And arms open wide for His embrace.

This is the 1st installment of Word & Image October 2014: Making Masterpieces: Patience in the Paint

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  1. I’m not an artist; my art comes in other forms, but I love the Pain, puncture and pressure. Sounds like a great group. Great topic!

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