Thoughts of December in October

The change of season brings with it the harsh realization that another year is swiftly coming to a close in less than three months! Pinterest worthy recipes pepper social media with suggestions for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking.

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It is easy to get caught up in OVER-planning and OVER-booking the coming weeks – and miss the cozy intimacy of shutting out all the expected busy for the pleasures of meaningful family interaction. Here’s THREE things I’ve learned through the years to impact our holiday time with purpose and enrichment:

  1. Schedule “do-nothing” days when REST as a family at home is the priority. This may mean saying “no” to another big party or activity outside of the home – but, it is vital to keeping your home strong and fracture resistant. Shutting off the social media and appointments to go here or there, and just spend the day focusing on quality time in conversation, inter-active game playing, and reading together as a family may seem old-fashioned – but its simplicity is refreshing and invigorating!
  2. Plan gifts that enhance and undergird growth as a family. Many of the hottest trends in gift giving this season are not designed to bring families together, but to separate parents and children into their own little worlds – most often electronic – captivating the imagination of young and old, alike. Make your Christmas giving something that will draw you closer to one another with a shared experience that has the ability to touch the heart in a deep place, rather than simply entertain or amuse.
  3. Keep the “CHRIST” in Christmas! Gifts and activities that turn the hearts of children of all ages towards the reason for the season have lasting impact. Seek out such things to place at the center of all your holiday preparations. Make the most of moments to nurture goodness and beauty in your family, while imparting life changing vision during the coming days. As the year closes remember – you are cultivating for the next season! Intentionally seize the day with eternal truths!

In my home, books and literature, inviting quality conversation and interaction, with beauty in language and image, have always been on my Christmas list.

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So, Here’s My Suggestion

Make Christmas 2014 a Fable Springs Parables Christmas with a FREE GIFT – a signed, first edition copy of Pageant Wagon Publishing’s debut multi-generational picture book: Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things. The Family Discussion Guide at the end of the story gives you an opportunity to reflect on how your lives have grown in 2014 – and challenges everyone, at any age, to grow into greater things in 2015.

It’s a delightful reading experience with dynamic, thought provoking elements making for a Christmas season gift cherished with enduring gratitude.

Your funding gift TODAY makes it possible to finance the production and publication of this endearing addition to your family library – or as a gift to another! A donation at the most generous amount you can contribute, will assure that we reach our goal – with all but two giving levels securing YOUR FREE First Edition Autographed Copy of Mother Chicken’s Eggs with our grateful thanks!

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Mother Chicken’s Eggs can’t be hatched in time for December’s release and Christmas 2014 gift giving if our funding goal is not reached by October 23!

I am so grateful for the many supporters this fledgling publishing project has already attracted – but need many more supporters and dollars before this chick can fly off the printing press and into the hands of a reading audience! PLUS – more visits to Fable Springs are planned – Book 2 and Book 3 are in the drafting stages!

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Help this worthwhile publishing vision and venture move beyond a mere dream to reality with your funding support in the next two weeks!! Then – break out the wrapping paper and bows, and make room for Mother Chicken’s Eggs from Fable Springs Parables under your Christmas tree this year!!

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  1. These are great suggestions. I miss the days of simplicity.
    May we all have Christ centered holidays ahead.

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