Variety is the Spice of Journaling

If there’s one question I absolutely hate and will NOT EVER answer without a great many disclaimers of one sort or another, it is this vile inquiry:

What is your FAVORITE _________?

Really? I HAVE to have a FAVORITE whatever?

No. It’s too hard. So many things delight my soul and make my spirit soar with inspiration. I hate to be tied down to just ONE FAVORITE in any random category at the expense of others equally worthy of my favored attentions.

It’s sort of like seasons. EVERY season is a favorite for one reason or another. 

And colors.  Pick just ONE? Impossible!  There are many I give preference to – depending upon which mood I’m in and how those colors are to be employed.

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So, you must know how panicked I can get when presented with the choice of only ONE FAVORITE journal I can choose to take home, adding to my collection, when standing before the seven foot high display case at Barnes and Noble. Here, I am faced with a plethora of the most delectable journals, in a myriad of colors, designs, sizes, shapes – and even accessorized gadgets like fanciful closures and the like! This produces a kind of shortness of breath and a claustrophobic sensation. The issue is that I am being asked to make a decision for ONLY ONE JOURNAL! A cramped box in which to be shoved, indeed.

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In truth, I have a goodly number of journals for varied purposes. They are each my favorite.

With so many beautiful journal designs in every price range, I collect them in the aforementioned expanse of models. They are given a place of honor, initially, as home decor before I know what I shall secret to their pages with my pen. Assigning each to a unique purpose, they are like my own multi-faceted personality. I can take pleasure in each – in its peculiar season.

journal to every purpose

From Dollar Store special to Museum of Art editions, my journals become part of the fabric of my home – displayed where I can visually enjoy them – in addition to owning their purpose as a repository of reflections culled over time. The variety spices up my bookshelves and gives flavor to the unique thoughts I am inspired to write about. Here’s a list of how I divide my thoughts on journal pages . . .


I’m honored to be guest writer this month as the Featured Journal Keeper with Dawn at

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for Random Journal Day in November! To read the rest of this special post, click READ MORE above and check out how I manage my journals. Then, relax with a cuppa tea and visit other enthusiastic journal keepers on the link in!

Blessings to all as you record His blessings . . . 

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  1. Think Loveliness says:

    Your wonderful article really inspired me to start journaling again!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your journals, Kathy. I’ve been journalling since I was nine years old. I think I’ll have to do a blog post about that, too. I have at least a dozen bound journals – with nothing written in them. Cannot bring myself to write in them for some odd reason. I write in a loose-leaf 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 binder. with divider tabs.
    You’ve given me food for thought.
    Thanks for sharing this,

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