Pageant Wagon Christmas Village DIY

December arrives with shock and awe. 


Weren’t we just ringing in the new year? Where did the past eleven months fly off to? I blinked–and it’s time to drag up the Christmas bins from the basement for my annual total home make-over. I do a house decor refit for each season, but Christmas is my shining glory moment for decking the halls.


Actually–a bit more than a moment. It takes almost a full two days to do the deed. While everyone is knocking themselves out in the stores on Black Friday, spilling into Saturday to take advantage of contrived commercialized sales, hubby and I stay cozy at home with our holiday hospitality preparations. He moves bins, heats up Thanksgiving Day leftovers, and watches me turn our humble cottage into a Christmas wonderland of precious memories and old-fashioned comforts. 

Even Copperfield has to get in the middle of all that comfort.


He’s hanging out under my Victorian tree in the country section of my village. I’ve been collecting village pieces for years, until there is now no room for anymore. I’ve hand-picked each piece from yard sales, thrift shops, and varied store brands when they go on sale. Each village piece was selected to suit my idealized Main Street in a Thomas Kinkadesque Victorian setting. I call it Pageant Wagon Village–personalizing it to the name of our writing and storytelling ministry, Pageant Wagon Productions.


I’ve even changed the original names of some of the buildings to reflect the Pageant Wagon name, or a particular setting in one of my stories. 

Christmas Village Personalized Signage DIY

You will need: village buildings, computer, printer, card-stock, scissors, and glue stick

  1. Decide on the names for the buildings you want to have changed.
  2. Measure the space on the sign to be replaced.
  3. In Word or Publisher (Publisher has measurements to help with sizing), choose a font for your new building name and type it out, careful to keep it simple and fitted to the small space you will most likely have to work with. Experiment with color changes until you are satisfied with the look.
  4. Print out samples on regular paper to be sure it will fit. You may need to fiddle with the sizing until you get it just right.
  5. After you have printed out the final piece, press it onto the sign and smooth your thumb around the edge to make an embossed impression around the new sign. This becomes a guide for cutting it. You may need to fiddle with this until it fits, too.
  6. Use a glue stick to affix the new sign onto your building and enjoy your new personalized village!

I rarely change my building plan now that I have settled what goes where. For instance, you will always find the street carolers gathered at the entrance of the covered footbridge singing your favorite traditional Christmas tunes in the midst of a bustling city-scape.



Besides, if I changed it every year, all my little folks bustling about town might get disoriented. I don’t want to turn their world upside down. We have enough of that happening in the headlines these days. But, here Pageant Wagon Village becomes a 3-dimensional landscape painting with everyone in their place on the canvas, inviting you into their story.

And–STORY is what I’m all about at Pageant Wagon Productions. As a matter of fact, the term “pageant wagon” is derived from Medieval Western European and English village life. The church roamed from village to village in a procession of colorful wagons, each one designed to fold out into a stage for performance. Clergy, actors, and troubadours brought the Word of God alive through performance storytelling, acting out the Bible for townspeople who didn’t have a Bible, and wouldn’t be able to read one if they did. 

pwtifull w-frame

Pageant Wagons brought the Good News and Glad Tidings of Great Joy to the masses, turning the entire village square into a theatre of biblical storytelling. This was how many people of the time learned the gospel and found that–perhaps–the story of their life was changed when Christmas came into their heart.

It’s why I do what I do.

And, what I am doing this month is taking my Pageant Wagon Productions to the next level–print publishing my stories as Pageant Wagon Publishing.

pwp long logo 600

This coming week is the deadline for my first Fable Springs Parables book, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things. Noah, my illustrator, has just a couple more illustrations to finish and then, off to our graphic designer to drop them into the prepped pages and onto IngramSpark for the printing and ultimate distribution nationwide and online with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I can’t be more excited!

FSPgraphic 1

This week I am also launching my new Pageant Wagon Publishing website–still under construction. Actually, it’s almost done. There are a few details in setting up the e-mail connection for the Subscribe and the THANK YOU GIFT for subscribers–an e-book short story devotional titled, Masterpiece in the Meadow. If you love allegory and journaling, you’ll love this! More news on my website coming next week once all the connection codes are in place. 

Masterpiece in the Meadow cover

Did I mention how excited I was about all this??


God is faithful. Just as He promised the Messiah to the world to restore relationship with Him after the fall of man–and fulfilled that promise in Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this Christmas, God has promised my heart things, too. Passions and vision for our writing and speaking ministry using the power of story is something we’ve prayed for for years. We are now at the threshold of seeing the Lord bring that promise to fulfillment and expansion at the same time. And, provision in each step along the way. 

We have many challenges ahead, but God will meet us at each one with His grace and equipping. He is the Master of turning impossible things into possible things. The impossible of Christmas returning each year that we might mark and remember a God through whom all things are made possible.

Even long abandoned dreams. 


May the Lord fulfill His promise to your own heart this Christmas, and may the New Year bring you more of Him, all good things, and beauty.

HollyPC 1910 - VIntage Cat

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  1. I want to live in your Christmas village! Really. It’s so quaint and magical and lovely!

    I wonder at what Heaven is going to be like. For I know there will be the fulfillment of every imagining, every fantasy, every good wish I’ve ever had on this earth. It’s going to be a wonderland.

    Continued prayers on your big venture – Can’t wait to visit Fable Springs!!


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