In a Word or Two – 2015

Every year has its image shaping trends. Be it faddy fashions, mania behaviors, craze diets, or vogue must-see-TV, human history is replete with sages and rages marking the date indelibly with the latest what-all.

Buzz-words of the day are especially iconic on this list. Remember when being “swell” turned into “feeling groovy” which became “totally rad” in the span of about fifty years?

In our internet highway Blogland of the 21st century, we are not immune to such trendsetting ways. Over the past few years, thoughtful bloggers have taken the “buzzword” idea to new levels.


Thankfully, thoughtful bloggers have achieved far more enriching purposes with their annual “word choice” than the length and breadth of swell, groovy, or rad could ever hope to attain. Choosing “a word” for the new year has become one with the soul searching introspection of individuals seeking to grow into greater things beyond their personal comfort zones.

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The word–or words–selected often hold some sort of challenge for she who takes possession of it–a word encapsulating a virtue to be obtained within these next twelve months.

I remember my first word from a few years ago, before I even knew it was a trendy thing to have. As I poured my new year thoughts, hopes, and dreams out before the Lord, in the quiet and reflective aftermath of the holiday hustle-bustle, I felt Him calling me to something I eagerly embraced–with almost a sense of pride.


Yes! I was called to live a life of Graciousness! This, I gleefully equated with some of my favorite things: Feminine virtues, hospitality and entertaining, and an increase in my teatime collection for weekly blog posts.

is it teatime yet 2

By February of that year, the Lord inserted an addendum to my Graciousness . . .



Yes, the revelation of a call to Humility was . . . well . . . humbling.

Feminine graces, teatimes, entertaining, though part of the equation to be sure, were not the nuts and bolts of it. The truth of the matter will out and I realized that, in the calling to walk in Graciousness and Humility, I may be confronted with an OFFENSE requiring such Spirit-filled companions to assist in unsavory confrontations.

And–I was right. By spring, the offenses came charging into my neat and tidy little planned world, and I was tempted to pretend I had NOT been given a word for the year at all–let alone two of them!

In truth, Grace and Humility were by my side that whole year AND spilled into the next year, too.

AND, the next.

Apparently, either offenses weren’t quite finished assaulting me, or I had not yet mastered Grace and Humility’s defined terms.


Finally, I was thrilled to find that, upon entering 2014, my new year was brimming with a new word–HOPE!

 she sighed hopefully

BUT . . . Alas! 

Grace and Humility were not to be left behind. There could be no Hope in this new year of 2014 without them coming along for the ride, too. After all, they were seasoned “words of the year” and had much to impart in the way of Hope.

And, in truth, I needed their support because Hope came with her friend, Waiting . . .


I almost didn’t want to ask God about a word for 2015. I’ve quite had my fill of words this past 2014, in what all that Grace, Humility, and Hope brought with them. This was a year of stepping out of my comfort zone. It was a year of coming to the end of one road, decidedly turning a corner, and beginning my journey on a new pathway.  Three years of offensive prodding here and there by the Shepherd’s rod and staff had finally done their work. The illumination came swiftly one day . . .

 this way now

Through many detours, projects, and life experiences I have come, ever and always wondering to what end it would ultimately lead. To what purpose my bookshelves lined with learning and manuscript binders and resource files? Each season just seemed to add one more “been there-done that” notch up my growth chart wall. A path winding, meandering here, then there. After so many years of this, I had become used to this walkway of random this and that projects, building skills and making a small difference in a corner here or there for the moment.

Taking the fruit of all those meandering years with me, I now walk into a new season with redefined purposes and goals in my writing and storytelling career! I’ve been tripping and stumbling along this rocky road throughout 2014, putting me on overload in the “Word Department”.

To be sure, HOPE came through! Beyond my imaginings the Lord opened the way for me to expand my works into independent publishing. After thirty years of study, child raising, school teaching, church ministry, reams of writing, and (for the past ten years) performance storytelling and Christian inspiration programs as Pageant Wagon Productions LLC, I have now turned a corner and am on the path to publish my many manuscripts as Pageant Wagon Publishing. A life-long dream!

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If I thought meeting offenses with Grace and Humility while Waiting in Hope was challenging, this new turn in the road would have me coming quite to the end of myself.

And–isn’t that the Lord’s favorite place for us to be?

In such a habitation Humility works overtime, moving us into the “Him Increasing as I’m decreasing” position. It is an odd state of being. I find myself plopped down in the middle of an oxymoron: A calling that is both my passionate long awaited dream come true, as well as something I feel thoroughly ill-equipped to accomplish. I’ve NEVER done what is set before me to do. To wit, I am left with one choice for entering 2015. It is my word.

Two words, in fact.

And my old friends, Grace, Humility, and Hope–each of whom come aided and abetted with much Waiting (she has a silent twin, too, named Patience) well . . . they’re being swept up into all things pertaining to this new year and new words, too. Can’t go there without them . . .

May I present to you, my words for 2015: 

lamb leaping

This road I am on, well, you might call it a footpath. It is barely visible at times, blocked by boulders and debris. It’s there–and will require work to overcome each obstacle in the way. There will be no road crews doing it for me. Apparently, the Lord has given me the aforementioned resources that, used correctly, are actually meet for the task. Perhaps, I have not spent a lifetime of purposeless meandering, after all.

Though, when you’re spending weeks working til midnight and later on a computer trying to figure out how to build a website and mentor an illustrator and create a marketing plan and manage social media while learning the insider details of publishing . . . well . . . this little road crew of Me, Myself, and I gets a bit burned out.

Praise God for His emergency crews! Dear friends and fans who have cheered me on, lent a hand when they could, and under-girded me with prayer. Especially these past four months!


God may have called me to something bigger than myself and more challenging than anything I’ve ever tackled before, but He does not leave me without adequate provision . . . in due time. IN THE MOMENT OF NEED . . . He causes me to know what to do and how to do it. Or, who to call with information and direction to help. Miraculous, indeed!

Grace, Humility, and Hope hold me in the Waiting. Waiting in Him. Waiting ON Him. AND, in that Waiting, fearlessly, faithfully LEAP in UNBRIDLED JOY!

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 Unbridled Joy poem

As of this week, I have my first book in the hands of the distributor! It will be available for purchase online and can be ordered through stores in a hardcover, paperback or e-book version as of January 30th! I have lived the story it tells in parable form. A children’s picture book with deeper life grown-up applications. It’s not easy to peck through the eggs that hold us bound within, so we can grow into greater things. But . . . it’s worth it.

The Official Front & Back Covers . . .

 Mother Chicken's Eggs E-book frontcover

Mother Chicken's Eggs E-book backcover

To learn more, visit the Book tab at my new website for Pageant Wagon Publishing. Click on Fable Springs Parables and you’ll find more about Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things–plus Book 2 scheduled for a Christmas 2015 release: Bugaboo Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize.

You betcha–I’ll be living the life lesson for that parable, too, using all that Grace and Humility to grow more up close and personal with Waiting‘s twin sister, Patience. I’m so glad they go hand in hand with Hope!

Look for some whimsical teatime posts this year with the bunch of them–and INVITED companions, Peace and Contentment. They tend to tag along wherever Unbridled Joy hangs out.

Seeking to know them all more intimately this year.

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  1. Kathryn,
    That 4th picture made me laugh so hard. Hysterical!
    I love your theme. However, I must let you know that in 2012 I chose the theme “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Steal My Joy,” and I went on to have one of the hardest years of my life. James Chapter 1 and I became good friends. Consider yourself warned, sister.
    Happy New Year Hugs to you! 🙂

  2. I love this, and it made me smile many times. Oh yes, the silent twin of Waiting is Patience; how well I know this. May your 2015 be a blessing of joy and refreshment! God bless you.

  3. What a wonderful post, Kathy, and what a journey. It’s been my distinct pleasure to ride along with you for portions of it. I cannot be happier for your breakthrough into publishing. Mother Chicken’s Eggs is a delightful story, and the Truth-full message that undergirds it is powerful. May God richly bless it as it makes its way into lives…and hearts.

    Unbridled JOY – a splendid word for you! Joy is both a gift and a challenge – as I found out last year – but in the end, God teaches us great things about its true meaning. I will look forward to reading about what He teaches you!


    (IF you get a chance and are so inclined, I’ve posted my recap on joy in 2014, and a post about my new word for 2015 – HEALING. This year’s word had an interesting arrival, and God is already speaking to my heart!)

  4. Sometimes one word just doesn’t cut it….and those two are the best. I enjoyed reading your post, as always, and pray for fulfillment of your dream.
    P.S. Loved the graphics

  5. So much fun, your story of choosing words. Even though we select a word (or two), it is God that brings refinement. I gulped as I began reading because the word that I chose for this year is GRACIOUS. Blessings and congratulations on getting your book through all the steps for publication.

  6. Mary Geisen says:

    How fun and exciting for you! May your year be filled with unbridled joy from a God who is so big and so good. Your writing was a joy to read. Blessed you joined The Weekend Brew.

  7. Kathryn,

    I have visited several blogs with one word for 2015.
    It’s amazing, I have not seen any 2 alike.
    I like all of them.
    My word for 2015 is Faith.

  8. Miss Kathy,

    Thank you for your insightful thoughts about my blog. I would consider it an honor to review and promote your book. I can post the review on my blog, Amazon, and GoodReads. As well as put a link on Twitter.

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