Tea and Adventures

If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited it will calm you.

~William Ewart Gladstone

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With the media abuzz, babbling about the “Blizzard of 2015” about cut a swath from where we live in New Jersey up to Boston, I think the next couple of days will be full of adventure! Therefore, I will take Mr. Gladstone’s advice and be sure to brew plenty of tea to the purpose of warming me up from head to toe!


I drink tea year round, but there is something especially comforting about my cuppas in the cold of winter and stormy days. I’ve turned off my Facebook feed with endless posts about how many inches are predicted–changing with each hour–and put the kettle on. But, even a visit to my tea cabinet to choose a cup comes with a chilly reminder.

snowmen, Lenox snowman candy jar, teapot, teacups

The snowmen have made a snow fort home on the top of the cabinet and I expect they will remain through these cold days come upon us. They stand guard over a cool retro teacup from Coalport named “Sonnet,” trimmed with feathery swashes of silver and gold. 

coalport china, Sonnet pattern, teacup, gold and silver trim

However, the teapot surprises with a splash of red roses to warm the cold grey roses that pepper the vintage design.

red rose teapot, gold trim

Look closely and you’ll see age cracks that add character to this gracefully shaped pot, generous in 22K gold embellishment.

I think I’ll brew up my favorite Almond Cookies tea, scooped with my handy-dandy tea scoop for just the right amount measured. No waste here–these leaves are precious promises of a comfort to come.

leaf teas

Tea treats came fresh from my oven earlier today when the snow began. A hot oven warms the kitchen. Here, the finished product tumbles out of a winter white heart-shaped teacup. 

heart-shaped teacup, pumpkin molasses cookies

I’m not much for following minute directions in recipes. Once I figure out what works, I like to mix it up (pun intended) and switch out ingredients here or there. Never quite make it the same way twice. But, since they are so yummy and look delish, I thought I’d share a little recipe card with you today for my Pumpkin Molasses Chunk Cookies. (Psst! Share it on Pinterest and put a smile on my face!)

recipe card pumpkin molasses cookies

I always make my cookies in mini muffin tins. I have two large ones that bake 24 each–so I have plenty of room for about 4 dozen cookies and once I fill them, only have to bake one batch for 15 minutes. Four dozen made from scratch cookies in less than half an hour? Yes!

It leaves me more time to indulge in other comforts. Like, my new art journal!

art journal, scrapping, faith, God

I’ve been collecting quotes, Scripture verses, images, and all the fun vintage bits and pieces scrappers love for this journal. The journal itself was on sale and filled with handmade hemp paper pages. I cut some of them out so there would be room for the layers of inspiring mixed media I will fill it with. More on this, my plans for it, and some of what’s inside next week!

stamp ink, hope, faith, scrapping, art journal

But, for now, I shall settle back and take in the glories of a cold winter’s day, snow piling up, and that warm cuppa between my fingers, praying God’s grace and protection on the people in about six states that are weathering the adventure of this big snow.

What are you doing this week to keep the winter chill off?

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  1. OK, you’re gonna hate me, but just two days ago our temperatures were in the high 70’s (I’m down here with my mom at the beach). We had to turn on the AC, and I’ve been in shorts and sandals. Today we’re having rain, but it’s still not terribly cold. Much colder at my mountain home.

    How I keep warm? Jammies, blankies, and fuzzy socks. And maybe a cup of cappuccino. And a hug from hubby!!

    Bundle up, dear friend, keep warm. Drink tea, and carry on!!


  2. I just love the gorgeous tea cups. So nice to see them being used. The recipe for the Pumpkin cookies….delicious!
    Thanks! Have. Great week..hugs Marg.

  3. Hi Kathy. Will be praying for all my dear friends on the East Coast. But I know you will be inder His wings! Love the china of course, especially the Coalport. Have saved the recipe…sounds delicious! Stay warm and blessed! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Love your retro teacup. Happy that you have indoor snowmen to keep you company. Great idea about the cookies. I’m going to try this recipe and the mini-muffin tins. Looks like you have plenty to do in your journal … a little fun time while watching the snow fall. Stay warm and safe. Happy Tea Day!

  5. Good stormy morning to you! I hope you are safe and cozy in this blizzard. It’s very bad up here in New Brunswick too. Your teacup is very pretty and looks old. The cookies sound delicious and would be great with a hot cup of tea on a day like today. Enjoy! I’m visiting from Tea Time Tuesday.

  6. Good morning Kathy,
    We are having the storm in our area now; blizzard conditions. I am always on pins and needles until my hubby gets home safely from work and now that he’s here, I can relax. We have had a good winter until today.
    What a pretty teacup and I like her name. The teapot is lovely too and I find the crazing totally charming! I just brought out my Snow Babies and set them up on my mantel for the winter months. They didn’t make an appearance at Christmastime so I’m enjoying them now. Wintertime always calls for a bit of whimsy, I think. Thank you for joining me for my tea party this week and helping me celebrate. Have a wonderful day and stay cozy, my friend.


  7. Hi Kathy,

    Making cookies in muffin tins..what a great idea!
    I love all the goodies inside them!

    Most of our winter has been cold & rainy.
    However, we have had some sun lately.
    I would love to see some snow, but not a blizzard.
    We went through 3 blizzards while living in N.C.

    Well, my friend, be safe and stay warm!

  8. So glad to hear you are prepared for the storm that hit and enjoying the moment. I so enjoyed your sweet comments and hope your speaking engagements go well! Lovely tea time pieces and the crazing just adds to the charm!

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