V is for Vintage Violin

I have resolved this new year to not feel guilt pangs when I take joy in simple pleasures. I admit, 2014 was a year of monumental change in my career direction requiring an inordinate amount of mental and emotional fortitude to focus on new tasks with a sharp learning curve. In so doing, I forced myself to shun those things that have always comforted and inspired me, so as not to be distracted from the demands of my work.

Not making time for sweet things to enrich my soul moved my heart and spirit to the Desert of Overwhelm.

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It was work to wind down over Christmas and the New Year. January entered the stage with plenty of “to-do” lists and mental hoops to jump through on the path towards independently publishing my first book. But, I had learned my lesson–there MUST be ample time for REST and RENEWAL with things and activities that minister both joy and beauty.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

John Keats

All Things Vintage is one of my favorite boards on Pinterest.  It’s where I collect those glories of yesteryear grown to an age when they may be titled, “vintage” on their journey to the honors of “antique.” In the Bible, the word “vintage” us used to denote the fullness of a grape harvest that is gathered for the nourishment, enrichment, and enjoyment of the individual and community. Food for body and soul “aged” to perfection.

Today, we apply this word, “vintage” to physical things, aged with creative beauty and treasured secrets of bygone times.

v for vintage

Purposely cutting myself off from my hobby of studying the treasures of human creativity and interaction from another age, depleted me. I did not balance my days with equal work and play. We grow through the nourishment of both. Add to that rest and worship, and we are complete. How foolish to think I can tag myself as an “enrichment artist” in the lives of others, when I hide from some of the very things that enrich me–to enrich others.

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Priorities reset for 2015, I will purpose time for indulging my love of history–His Story–and the vintage remnants I like to collect, celebrating the stuff of somewhere in time.

This week, I was inspired by my musician friend, Haley Richardson. At twelve years of age, Haley has been winning the All Ireland Fiddle Champion title since the age of six! She keeps a busy lifestyle of travel for performance gigs where she shares the stage with world class Irish folk musicians, plus music lessons, homeschool, and chores on her family’s modest yard farm. I enjoy a weekly visit with Haley to help build her writing skills and manage her personal blog at Tuneful Journeys.

Haley and I share a love of crafts and creativity, old things, and Irish music–of course! So, I was excited to hear all about her new OLD violin. A VINTAGE violin!

Vintage violin

Haley’s mom, Donna, sent me these interesting details on this beautiful musical instrument:

Haley’s violin is labeled: Johannes Georgius Huber c. 1870-1880. It was made in the style of a 1762 Amati. The sound quality of a violin is not so much dependent on the age of the violin but on the quality of the craftsmanship. Some violinists might prefer a newer violin while others look for different qualities in their instrument. Haley, being a violinist and a fiddler, was looking for an instrument that would work in both worlds. Violinists often look for instruments with projection and a very “clean” sound because they (soloists) play in large halls without amplification. A fiddler tends to prefer a more mellow instrument. The projection doesn’t often matter because they use a mic or pick-up during gigs. Some say an older violin has the sound of all those who have played it stored inside…the wood is aged over the years. Haley loves the deep, darker sound of her instrument. It is very easy for her to play and bring out the sound though it gets better and more “open” sounding as she plays it longer.

Currently, Haley and I are fine-tuning the musical soundtrack to the audio dramatization of Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things. Her delightful jigs, reels, aires, and original sound effects accompany my vocal performance, reading the story for the upcoming CD and MP3 release by late March. It’s been an enriching creative experience whisking me away from the strain of figuring out marketing strategies, social media strategies, and the technical cartwheels of building a new website at Pageant Wagon Publishing.

I tell story with words. Haley tells story with music. Vintage human pastimes that minister joy and beauty from generation to generation.

violin most human

Like Haley’s Vintage Violin–the works of one generation impact subsequent generations–enriching soul and spirit.

Old things are worthy of our time and pondering thoughts, for in them we are forced to slow our pace and consider those who have gone before us, having left their mark.       Kathryn Ross

ALL THINGS VINTAGE inspire me in the marks I make today that may impact tomorrow. Today, a vintage violin over 100 years old with seasoned sound pouring forth through the fingers of a young girl. Tomorrow, a story told in words and music to carry on the legacy.

Old things. Never junk. Always treasure–for those with eyes to see and ears to hear . . .

I will open my mouth in a parable;
I will utter dark sayings of old,
Which we have heard and known,
And our fathers have told us.
We will not hide them from their children,
Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,
And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.

Psalm 78:2-4

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  1. We all need a little rest and relaxation don’t we? So glad you are getting a little of both my friend. Projects, deadlines, and just things in general tend to slap all the goodie out of us at times. I love the scripture Psalm 78 2-4. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Lovely post, Miss. Kathy! I love how the pictures turned out!

    ~ Haley

  3. I think that is wonderful how both of you are working together through words and music. xoxo

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