Juggling Urgent & Important

I know some of you might think that I’ve completely fallen off the face of the earth the past three weeks. Well, partly. 

I’ve been whisked out of this Blogland World, completely buried in a myriad of both URGENT and IMPORTANT, causing me to take an unplanned break from my happy place here with you. So, in just a few photos, I’ll bring you up to snuff with all things Miss Kathy, Nana, and Mother Chicken’s Eggs!

I made a valiant attempt at posting a teatime reflective for Valentine’s Day with photos from my lovely library table display in the dining room . . .



But, that was cut short (it’s still in draft form) by the URGENT necessity of autographing all the hardcover and paperback books that arrived hot off the press! Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things finally arrived and Noah and I risked Carpal Tunnel Syndrome spending a full day autographing each one.

polaroid booksigning pic

THEN–most of them had to be packaged up and sent out to our crowdfunding supporters and those who pre-ordered copies with a special thank you!

Thank You image

Without the financial support of our backers and the encouragement of those who pre-paid, getting our Mother Chicken’s Eggs hatched this past month would have been a far more unreachable goal.

As it is, we were super busy in February getting all our ducks in a row for the next phase of the project–the marketing of it with booksigning events and performance presentations.

production team

Then–just when I thought I might have an evening free to post something, I found myself rushing about for the impending week long visit of my son, daughter in love, and that grand girl of mine, Mackenzie Joy! My daughter and I were up til midnight the night before their arrival putting together birthday packages for them–30 gifts each for 30 years! Andrew and Andrea celebrated their 30th birthdays within two weeks of each other this past month. So wonderful to be able to share it with them in person!

birthday image

daddy's girl

THIS is one of those IMPORTANT thingys mentioned above. We didn’t think they’d make it because they were stuck under six feet of snow in New England with an impending storm on the day they were to come. But, at the last minute, they decided to brave the roads and left ahead of the storm arriving safe and well–just in time for a snowstorm here. A cozy week of family ensued–with the highlight being the digging out of my son’s Lego collection. He and brother-in-law, Dan (also a Lego-maniac) had a blast building all week.

lego maniacs

This mama was moved to tears to watch them play . . .

Of course, this meant that I was completely offline for another full week due to this IMPORTANT time–taking joy in my family and having the thrill of reading MY OWN BOOK to my grand-girl–to whom it is dedicated . . .



So, after they left, there was much to do in order to re-group and get back to work. Again, I had hopes of posting at the end of February. BUT . . .

Yep–the day they left I was on my way to Haley’s place where her brother Dylan (also an Irish folk music guitarist) has a sound recording studio. We would finally be putting Mother Chicken’s Eggs into audio book form!

Recording Mother Chicken's Eggs collage

It’s almost finished in the post production stage and the anticipated release date for purchase is March 31st!

Then, there’s been the Fable Springs Book Tour I’ve been working on coordinating. Events and performances are beginning to pepper my calendar, and that means a host of customized plans for organizing and promoting each event for optimum success! You can see what’s already confirmed for calendar events HERE — with many more dates pending.

I’m doing more out and about, meeting with school principals and librarians as this next phase of publishing kicks in. In addition, I am preparing our full line of Mother Chicken’s Eggs inventory which includes two of Noah’s gorgeous paintings in limited edition prints.


The two images are from original watercolor paintings used in Mother Chicken’s Eggs and come with a Certificate of Authenticity of their limited 100 prints each. They are titled Tea in the Garden and The Barnyard at Evensong, with original poetic verse by yours truly. They are due to be released by mid-March and I don’t expect them to last long!

So, it would appear that February got clean away from me, being the first month of my book’s release. The whirlwind may not subside for some time, but I am hoping to get on the other side of up-side-down, regain my balance of time management, and be back blogging more regularly.

I have many URGENT calls on my time. But, there are some things that are just plain IMPORTANT. Family time is one of them. And, taking time for renewing of the mind. My mornings in my Secret Place corner are sacred–getting God’s marching orders for the day with my cuppa tea.

And, a little treat now and again–like a teatime with friends. Last week my friend Diane and I spent a splendid day with our artist friend, Larissa, in her amazing new studio. I shall be doing a lengthier post on our time together, but here’s a sneak peek at why getting out of the house now and again to inspiring places with inspiring people is also on the IMPORTANT list.


SHAMELESS PLUG:  Bring the joy of Fable Springs Parables into your home this springtime! Order your copies of Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things today on Amazon to get it in time for Easter baskets! What better book at Easter than a picture book about baby chicks and hatching out of small, dark places into the glorious light and possibilities of NEW LIFE! As the tale tells with a shocking twist, it is best to take those risks and grow into greater things than to “baulk” at the unknown on the other side of your shell. After all . . . all good eggs must change if they are to grow.

Page 6-three eggs w-caterpillar

Being a good egg this year with momentous changes . . . all in the Providential care of He who has called me and will do it.

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