Remembering that Rose

So it’s March and it’s snowing and I have purposely put my snowmen and all things wintertime decor away in their storage bins, tucking them in the basement until next year.

Bring on the SPRINGTIME!

My home is awash in bunnies and tulips and baby chicks and plenty of floral arrangements in anticipation of this weekend’s time change and sunshine with temperatures in the 50’s.

Seems hard to believe that such a major change in the weather is upon us in less than 48 hours–but how swiftly fortunes can change. And, how long our season of standing firm in cold and struggle–when we’re in an alien season–can last.

But, for the GRACE of God . . . 

I am reminded of my rose of a couple years ago. A rose by another name I called GRACE and STRENGTH and HOPE. It was a gift to me during a season when I needed just such a reminder of God’s love and purposes in my life. It was the only time such a miracle has happened in my garden, to this particular rose bush–which always had the best of blooms in their summer season. Beyond October, it usually, quite discreetly, closed up shop for the impending winter. 

But, in the fall and early winter of 2012, I gazed amazed as a supple bud held its ground through December . . .

January rose

In my journal I captured its journey beginning with this poem scribbled in pencil come the new year in January 2013 . . .

Since the fall

You have braved tall

Through wind, rain, and all

Remaining still small

Wilt thou ever bloom?

The winter chill

Keeps you dwarfed to nil

In vibrant color you thrill

Pink with promise until . . .

There be blossom?

We shall see;

Though it seems to me

Come February

No more will you be

A January Rose

And, sure enough, come February another page in my journal I recorded these lines . . .

February rose

And, so it goes

Now, my February rose

Decidedly froze, 

In the snow

While chill winds blow

Alas! ‘Tis so

No bloom to grow?

No blossom to show?

My hope brought low

Yea – but, though

In God I know

He is not slow

     For redemption to bring

     Ah! Soon the spring . . .

And – Hope Springs Eternal!

Then, turn the page and this:

How sad it is that I must report my February Rose – which had been my January Rose – a leftover from last season that grew with promise in December – the last of its kind from November – that would not say die come October . . . ’tis a Fateful Rose in March . . .

march rose

My poor February rose

Tragically in the throes

Decays – dying ‘ere it goes


A hold-out from last season

Braving winter for spring teasin’

If come to bloom it would be pleasin’

But, alas!       

Now, in March I shed a tear

Behold, comes the pruning shear

Cut back left overs of last year

Make way!

A new rose will bloom here!

Yep! That HOPE springing eternal again . . .

And, to be sure–new roses did bloom. 


These poems were written in the first quarter of 2013. I had been holding on to the Lord through a very trying season and felt my life to be one with the rose. But, when I, like the rose, allowed the stains and drains of “last year” to decay–SPRING came.

April turned to May . . . and a random conversation with a young artist after church one Sunday morning put me on a path that has THIS year–January/February/March 2015–come to blossom. Two years since my winter rose!

I’m so glad I wrote about it. First in a lined journal, working out the poetry. Then, in three blog posts:

January Rose

February Rose

March Rose

AND–this week on my Pageant Wagon Faire Words Blog, a more detailed post about that May day when I stepped out and asked Noah if she’d like to illustrate one of my stories. I can’t believe how much  my life is changed in these two years.

I allowed a dead season . . . to die . . . so I could blossom anew. So I could hatch out of my own egg into NEW LIFE–leaving the shards of my former shell behind me, like the brittle petal bits of my March rose, that finally fell to the ground.

Now, it was time for me to grow into greater things . . .

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And, even though, while I was in the season–almost a four year period of the Lord cultivating, pruning, and cracking my hard eggshell life to bring me to a crossroads where I knew to turn a corner into this new direction . . . (and, do forgive me for all the mixed metaphors here) . . . I did NOT always understand His ways. 

But hung on . . . like a valiant rose bud through the winter . . . until the season of spring when the Christian’s anthem is dying . . .

To rise again.

And so . . . I ROSE . . .

Here’s what I’ve hatched into:


[Tweet “A picture book about baby chicks hatching out of small, dark places, into the glorious light and possibilities of NEW LIFE!”]

I love that.

I lived that.

I’m LIVING it still. 

And, keeping a record of the journey . . . in my journals.

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  1. Hi, Kathryn!

    So glad that Noah agreed to illustrate your beautiful book.

    This is a wonderful post.
    I actually wanted to shed a tear for that poor March Rose.

  2. What a beautiful miracle inn the form of a rose when you needed it.

  3. I loved your poetry and how it flowed from one journal entry to another – and found its way to the present and the wonderful book!! I will definitely check it out for my grandchildren for this Easter!

    Thank you for sharing! I plan to come back and read more of your poetry and the above posts about your rose!

  4. Hi, Kathryn! Glad you linked-up with the March Random Journal Day! I hope your book is a success!
    Joy Pedrow

  5. I am a amazed at your journey, and how God leads us through seasons faithfully, blooming us in His time. Oh, these poems are so beautifully expressed and I choked up at the pruning of the January/February Rose…but we know God has His own reasons for each season…Thanks for sharing your journal prose and how you allow your journal to be a place for seeds to be nurtured- I do the same, and then in due time we see the seeds sprouting, growing, blooming, flourishing!

  6. Mary Geisen says:

    I absolutely love you story of the rose. We do need to let go of our seasons of pain and suffering in order to more fully receive the spring of hope. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew.

  7. Kathryn- Congratulations on the book! What a journey and the faithful Gardener brought you to fruition…I’ve heard it said about gardening…the first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps…may this year be filled with much leaping for JOY! I am finally reading all the RJD posts for March..what a joy to share the journey and creative ways God meets us in our journals!

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