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Heading to The Garden Center @ Sepers Nursery this Sunday afternoon to kick off Blooming Books Storytime for the season during their grand re-opening weekend! 

Cherry Tree Snow Fountain1

I’m bringing Haley as a special guest and we’ll be performing Mother Chicken’s Eggs for all and sundry.

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Will probably leave Mother Chicken back in the chicken pen, though. I don’t expect live chickens would be welcome pecking about all the new foliage for sale at Sepers! However, I DO expect to see plenty of pansies, and sapling trees (like the cherry tree snow fountain above), and all manner of shrubberies lined up looking for new homes this year.

Oh! And, don’t forget—the azaleas, of course!


We’ve not done well with azaleas at our house, so in the past we tried wild flower gardens. Loved the butterflies and beautiful blooms the first year.


But, after that, it got TOO wild. So last year we put in a host of knock-out roses across the front of our house–from Sepers. Ed wants to add more to fill in the front nice and full—which has been a problem in the past.


But, the big problem this year is the heather. We’ve had our lamppost surrounded with heather for a number of years. Each winter they look like they wouldn’t make it. Then, comes spring and they’re full and lush. However, this year . . . 



Oh, there are a few meager pink blossoms here or there . . .


But the bulk of the planting has withered away from the center—which is what older heather is apt to do, as I understand. They served their time admirably, but are now past their prime.

Heather gone over the hill . . .


But, in your season–well done, good and faithful heather.


Ed plans to pull it all out and start anew. I think we might go with a host of butterfly bushes in various colors. I like how they spread, and the one I planted in my deck bin fairy garden last year kept color into November!

So, as the weather finally settles into springtime temperatures, our front yard will get a bit of a facelift with, I expect, a healthy dose of pink smattered about to perfection. 


From The Garden Center @ Sepers Nursery, of course.

Isn’t it wonderful how God restores warmth, growth, and beauty in its season!

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Sharing Heather Over the Hill this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Beautiful flowers, post and writing.

    PS visit!

  2. Beautiful colors, bringing springtime right to my living room! I can almost smell the blooms. And best of luck on your presentation of Mother Chicken’s Eggs. (Personally, I’d love to see a live performance by the chickens!!) Continuing to pray for much success for your precious book and story.

    Trusting that you had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the wonders of the love and grace of our dear Jesus.


  3. What gorgeous, breathtaking flowers. Nothing I enjoy more. These are some of the prettiest.

  4. Hi Kathryn, Your post was fun to read. How fun for you and Haley to do Mother Goose. I would love to see you both performing.
    Your Spring flowers are so pretty. I hope your Heather comes in ok. Love the rabbit in the Heather. The azaleas and the begonias are awesome. My hydrangeas look dead right now. I am so sad. They were planted late last year and we had some hard freeze days and nights this winter. We’ll see.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

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