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It’s Random Journal Day with our own Enthusiastic Dawn and I am feeling the conviction of making time for my long ignored blog to post something of relevance to this Holy Week.

My days are not my own since publishing my book–far too many details for all the hats I’m wearing as an independent publisher. I am weary.

AND–I miss blogging . . . for all my busy!!

So, the idea of retreating to something I have already written and tucked away in a journal is prompt enough to jump back into posting this week. My mind ruminates a variety of choices, but one in particular is uppermost on my heart as we take the time to meditate on the cross of Christ and the depth of meaning at the crux (pun intended) of this Holy-day.


My journals through the years have been invaluable for material that eventually found its publishing in varied venues–mostly theatrical.

I’ve written and directed Biblical drama for the stage for decades. Often, my ideas are worked out in journal entries before making their way into a storyline. The Lord teaches me through my studies and prayerful seeking. I write the fruit of such times, recording them in various ways: binders, Word documents, fanciful journal books, etc. Then, I refer to these notes to finish a work for production.

Today, I’m thinking of a performance poem I wrote about 20 years ago. I often think in theatrical language–what my words would look like dramatized on a stage. This was one such devotional poem that ended up being the centerpiece of an Easter production I wrote back in the early-mid 1990’s. I am including an edited version of it here for the purposes of this post. It was eventually set to music and performed by actors miming/dancing the action as a Narrator and Chorus dramatically recited the words. I’ve edited together portions of the original Part 1 and Part 2 and will publish an edited Epilogue for Resurrection Sunday morning. 

The Story

by Kathryn Ross, ARR


Angry and destined for defeat,

Lucifer determined to pervert

The Light, the Shine, the Beauty

Of Created Man.

He would destroy Man’s intimate relationship with God

And make him a prisoner

Of his own sinful soul.

Man was deceived . . .

By his own free will

He chose to reject God

And proclaimed himself to be as God.

His spirit died.

In his rebellion the earth and all that was created

Fell under a curse.

And . . . . a great division came,

The Light, the Shine, the Beauty of God

Was separated from His beloved Creation,




The Light, the Shine, the Beauty

Of Creation to restore.

God Almighty Ruler,

Always intended more.

No power can defeat Him,

He reigns though darkness looms,

Because the everlasting love of God

No evil can consume.



But, God had a plan.

Only the Life of God

Could save the life of Man,

And restore the intimate love relationship

That had been broken.

He appointed a day and a time.

When the set time had come,

He called for . . .


The Great Archangel Warrior . . .

Guardian of His Will,

Who cut through the darkness

And fought back the powers of Hell

And God Himself stepped through the doors of eternity

Into the limitations of earthly time and space.

And through the body of a woman,

The seed of His Spirit was boron

Into the body of a Man

And a way was now made.

God was with Man.

God was Man.

The Man . . .Jesus Christ.



The Light, the Shine, the Beauty

Of Creation to restore,

God Almighty Ruler

Always intended more.

No power can defeat Him,

He reigns though darkness looms,

Because the everlasting love of God,

No evil can consume.



A Divine battle strategy

Took center stage.

That the intimacy between the Creator and His created Man

Be forever restored,

And the effect of Lucifer’s rebellion on the earth

Be destroyed . . .



Look into His eyes

Jesus the Man.

There’s passion in His gaze.

Tenderness in His touch.

A Divine Romance

Captures your soul

And you are changed.


Call to Him, He hears.

There’s power in His Name,

Healer of the wounded,

Broken hearts made new,

Walking hand in hand

As in the Beginning

And you are changed.


Listen to His voice

Teaching in Wisdom,

The substance of Truth.

Becoming Life to Man’s heart,

Words of Simplicity,

Tangible relevancy,

And you are changed.



He took part in the glorious adventure of living!

Laughing, crying, playing,

Growing weary,

Getting hungry,

Dancing for joy,

Frustrated in anger,

Loved, hated, misunderstood.

Tempted in all things common to Man.

Sympathetic with the complexities of the soul.

Yet, being God,

Pure, sinless, all perfect.

Thirty three years a generation of mankind

Knew the privilege of God in the Flesh.

Appearing Live and In Person!

On a whirlwind World Tour.

Demonstrating Life as He had designed it to be lived

Till the critical execution of

The Plan.

His Victorious Plan!

The final engagement at

Lucifer’s Coliseum.



Look into His eyes

Jesus the Man.

Scorned, rejected,

Condemned to die.

With passion in His gaze,

Forgiveness on His lips,

He bought Man’s pain,

Man’s sin,

Man’s death,

Paying cash with His life.

And are you changed?

Lord, I pray this day not pass that our hearts are not changed, more molded to the character of Jesus Christ. By His cross of, You have made such glories available to us. May we be changed by Your Holy Spirit into Your image, restoring the glory of God in the earth–one soul at a time . . .

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To read the full text of The Story along with other snippets of my devotional poetry and prose, I’ve published a sampler titled Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection. Order your autographed copy of this modest collection to prompt journal posts and ruminating thoughts of your own from my Cameo Impressions Etsy Shop.

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  1. “No power can defeat Him,
    He reigns though darkness looms,
    Because the everlasting love of God,
    No evil can consume.”

  2. Very powerful words!

  3. Beautiful, touching; loved reading through your words…thank you for sharing with us today at RJD! Love to read what/how others use their journals – and creating such beautiful words to be shared in a dramatic way is awesome! Glad to have been a part of reading them!

  4. Mary Geisen says:

    Blessed by your words and I am glad you had these words to pull out to share with all of us. Easter blessings and good luck with the book.

  5. Miss Kathy,
    WHat an amazing production. I love that you also work through these creations via your journal. I do this as well. Oh, my so much glory in this post. It’s amazing that the Blogosphere can contain it! I also did not know you had an Etsy shop. Please give yourself some time for quiet to restore your soul. YOu put so much energy into all God is creating through your words, and theatrics… but there must always be time for quiet, tea and journal. Please take care of yourself! Hugs. ANd hope we can reschedule our time (maybe Wednesday? ) – I am off FB until after a test in a class I have but saw your note before I signed off last night. THanks for taking part in RJD this month despite your busy schedule.

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