Cookie Jar Heaven

It’s a snapshot of my childhood.

Copy (3) of 29-1964

Yes, that’s cute little me way back when. It’s the first of some great vintage photos to share–but you have to read The Story first. Okay?

You can see that I’m grinning.

I think mommy made some chocolate chip cookies and I can smell them baking in the oven. I shall have to wait til they cool to taste them. Mommy will pour out a glass of milk, perhaps in that novelty jelly jar she likes so much. The one with the coach and six etched onto it.


Remember those?

Mom liked this style because it reminded her of old England in the historical mysteries she loved to read. She passed onto me more than her big blue eyes and the occasional chocolate chip cookie with milk in a novelty jelly jar. Her love of England, history, and a good cozy mystery remains in me today.


I only wish she’d been able to pass onto me the eventual home of all those chocolate chip cookies. It was an apple cookie jar that had been a wedding gift in 1958. It sat in the kitchen, tucked in the corner of the counter. Too far for little hands to sneak into unless helped by a kitchen chair.

But, that would be an invitation to trouble.

My sister and I often had to be content to simply stare longingly up at the counter, in that safe little corner, at the round salmon and peach colored apple with the brown stem and green leaf on the lid.

Years pass. I marry and move away.

I don’t know when it happened, but on one visit home I realized that mom had redone her counters and the apple cookie jar was no where to be found. One day, when I’m in my 40’s, the nostalgia bug begins to bite. Upon every visit home, I scrounge around looking for mementos of my childhood to take as my own. I ask about the apple cookie jar which held such memories for me.

“Oh, that’s long gone,” says mom. “The lid broke years ago and I threw it away.”

Gah! I’m stung to the heart. There was nothing to be done about it. My apple cookie jar with all those sweet childhood memories had gone to Apple Jar Heaven!

Oh, well, just another thing to keep my eyes out for when thrifting or antiquing. For years I did so. Even checking E-bay and Etsy on occasion. Plenty of apply cookie jars–but not THE apple cookie jar.

Then, last month my friend invited me to bring a carload of stuff to her house on a well traveled road for a big yard sale day. There would be about six of us so it promised to be a great event. On the day before the sale, I dropped over to check out where she wanted me to set up our tent (I don’t do yard sales anymore without a tent).

I also wanted a sneak peek at her stuff. She’s a vintage groupie and something of a hoarder, currently downsizing. There were a couple of treasures I gobbled up in advance and was about to leave when her husband brought another handful of items into the garage from the kitchen. Looking up at what he’d placed on the table, I was sucked into a time warp–back in mommy’s kitchen staring longingly at–THE apple cookie jar!


It was there! A snapshot of my childhood. All these years! Hidden away in her house! 

I knew it the instant I saw it!

I was in Apple Jar Heaven!

Tears filled my eyes and I became weak in the knees. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that such a material thing like this cookie jar should affect me in this way. A rush of emotions swirled together. For a split second, I was that little girl again–and mommy was in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies.

What is it about THINGS that captivate our souls and tie us to places and times and people? The power of memory can put one in a prison–or touch the heart with floods of joy.

Of course, I took that apple cookie jar home. It will forever rest, tucked safely on the corner of my tea cabinet table. I may change out the teapots and cups and saucers, but all my future displays will be worked around the cookie jar.



My latest teacup gem, by the way, is this amazing teal transferware with a pastoral cottage image–one of my very favorite images for teacups.


I love everything about it–especially the little wisps of color on the handle. Too sweet.


The Crown Clarence line was manufactured by the JH Cope and Co. which was in business between 1887 and 1946. This piece has been separated from its full place setting which would have included a dinner plate, luncheon plate, soup/cereal bowl, and small break/cake plate. I wonder whose table it once graced.


Copperfield wonders, too. He just had to get in the picture.


And, in the background of this shot–another oldie but goodie cleared out from the vintage home my daughter bought that came with EVERYTHING still in it. Like a time capsule of memory and story. There was a lot of glassware in the home, as the former owner had been an executive with one of the big glass houses in our area–a huge industry here.


The bowl is vintage Fostoria. I love the fluted swirl. But, those grapes–and grape leaves–ALL GLASS. Hand blown and hand crafted and absolutely stunning. I wonder who the artist was . . .

Surrounding myself with vintage is like the embrace of story. Each piece tells a tale and connects to a life lived. And now, they are in my life. God knows how such treasures touch my heart and I am so thankful when He pours out these little gifts to me when I least expect it. More precious than diamonds are these “things” that my Father knows will make this vintage 50-something woman . . . like a child again.

I’m so there.

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  1. Oh my! I enjoyed this post so much. I know all too well how something from the past can trigger that feeling and bring me to tears! What a sweet Apple jar! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I love the memories you have shared. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  3. And what a cute apple cookie jar it is too! I’m glad you have it in your home now. Love the teal transferware teacup! I so love those pastoral scenes. I’m old-fashioned that way myself. Thanks for sharing your memories and joining me for tea. Enjoy your visit with your family.


  4. Oh, Kathy, how I relate to the Apple Cookie Jar! My Mama had one, too! 🙂

    I very much enjoyed your nostalgic post. I am a collector of vintage teapots. 🙂

    Love and Blessings,


    • Thanks, MaryAnn!Yes, I have my collections of vintage teapots and cups and saucers. I love hosting teas as ministry one on one with ladies. But, that Apple Cookie Jar was a true love gift from my Father. Joy!

  5. Love the sweet tea cup & saucer and the adorable cat

  6. I loved this! And yes, you understand the joy of treasure-hunting – this quote: “Surrounding myself with vintage is like the embrace of story. Each piece tells a tale and connects to a life lived. And now, they are in my life.” That’s *IT* my dear!!

    I have a room in my home where I have amassed some of my collectible goodies – glass animals, miniatures of all sorts, stuffed animals, etc. And when I venture into my *fantasy land* I am transported back to a simpler time of childlike carefree days. And yes, it’s good.

    That apple cookie jar is perfection!


  7. Ruthie Miller says:

    Delighted for you to get to relive your happy childhood. What a great story. Love your teal teacup and that sweet pussy cat.

  8. I love your cottage teacup! What a pretty kitty to share tea with!

  9. We had a Miss Muffet cookie jar growing up, complete with a spider on the side. Miss Muffet sat on the lid. I once told my mother that I didn’t want anything except that cookie jar when she passed away. She looked at me like I was crazy, although she ought to have known by then that I am (I was in my 30s or 40s), and said, “Just take it now!” I have it on my kitchen counter. Love the grapes.

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