Vacation Pinks with Kenzie

June brings summer and storms and vacation week for me and hubby. We packed the bags and were off for a week in New England with my son, daughter-in-love, and that grand-girl of mine, Kenzie! While South Jersey had two destructive storms the week we were away (no damage to our home, praise the Lord!) we enjoyed lovely cool nights with breezes blowing through the window and birdsong.

Our trip was too short, but filled with plenty of outings–and a few pinks to share with you.

We always make a day to luncheon at the Old Boston Bakery in Fall River, where the food is glorious and especially so when we eat in the lush garden. We sat in front of what looked like a dogwood tree–but it’s too late in the season, don’t you think? 


The faint trim of pink along the edges was lovely and delicate. But, I was overwhelmed with the foxgloves!


So, apparently, was Kenzie . . .


They always remind me of poor Jemima Puddleduck who happened upon Mr. Fox reading his newspaper in a clearing of foxgloves.

Jemima meets fox

I have the interactive e-book of this Beatrix Potter title and it’s something I love to share with Kenzie when we visit. Storytime with Nana and Beatrix!

More adventures in the garden were upon us as we ate our lunch and watched a Mama Finch feeding her eager youngin’s in the birdhouse. She’d flit back and forth and we could catch a glimpse of the little ones jumping up for food each time she came. PopPop helped Kenzie peek inside while mama was off finding the next helping of grubs.


I thought of our own little nest of finches back home on our front porch in the hanging basket. They had just started to hatch when we left for New England. My daughter was taking care of our home and she gave a good report that all five had hatched out and were doing fine.


Sorry, I haven’t been able to get any photos of them since they’ve hatched. I don’t want to take the basket down to peek inside now that they’re out for fear mama and papa will abandon them. But, they are lovely to listen to early in the morning at feeding time.

However, that larger egg you see in the nest above, with the dark speckles, belonged to a nasty cowbird. I posted this photo on Facebook and had a number of folks urging me to remove the imposing impostor. Apparently, they don’t have a very doting mother. She leaves her eggs in the nests of others to raise. They hatch first, take all the food, and the other egg babies die.

Gingerly, I removed the egg wearing gloves, and with a heavy heart shook it a few times as instructed so it would not hatch at all. It rests in the glorious vintage red transfer-ware teacup from Johnson Brothers that I treated myself to at the antique shop I always visit when I’m in Newport.


Speaking of Newport!

We celebrated Ed’s 60th birthday just the two of us, taking a whole day to do our favorite things in Newport–and two things we hadn’t done yet. One was to stroll the famous Cliff Walk that runs parallel to Belleview Avenue where all the gilded age mansions of the Vanderbilts and Astors are built. The mansions are gorgeous, but overlooking the water was even more glorious–a testament to God’s creation. His can’t be outdone by anything man-made!

Wild rose bushes cascaded the slopes along the cliff’s edge . . .


And I loved the mix of roses in a sea of daisies!


And, this! 


But, I don’t know what it is. Any thoughts?

Be very proud of me–I walked 5 miles along the water’s edge and survived to stroll some more downtown in the shops. Hence, the teacup find at the antique shop! 


Dinner would be our second bucket list item of the day, eating at a real Irish pub. We found it at Buskers! There’s one in NYC and Boston and right there in downtown Newport. Everything inside is imported from Ireland–decor, woodwork, and of course the craft beverages. A true blue Irish menu greeted us and hubby’s birthday dinner was traditional Irish stew. Best he ever had, so he says.


Thoroughly enjoyed our meal and hope to visit there again!

The next day, we were off to the Mystic Aquarium with the grand-girl for some fishy fun.



The eerie tranquility of the jellyfish room is my favorite. They are mesmerizing! Special lighting shows them off spectacularly and makes them perfect for a Pink Saturday share.


Last year they had a fabulous Titanic exhibit, but they have replaced it this year with a jungle habitat exhibit which includes, oddly enough, a jeep for touring the wild terrain. Kenzie offered to drive . . . 


Vacations end too soon! It’s taken me two weeks to finally get around to working through the few photos I did take. Sometimes, you are just enjoying yourself so much, you forget to take photos. No matter, beautiful images of our precious time with family and friends are etched in my mind’s eye. I’m so thankful for these simple pleasures–cherished gifts from the Lord.

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and awed by His abundant blessings. 


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  1. karan buck says:

    Hello Kathy,

    So enjoyed your surprise visit to the shop today and really loved this blog and all the beautiful pictures.

  2. Ohsuch lovely photo’s.The colours in those flowers are glorious. So pleased you had a lovely holiday wth your family.

  3. What a lovely vacation you’ve had! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. I love the flowers at the water’s edge in Newport. You’re right, man can never make anything to rival God’s creations! I’m so glad you rescued the five little birds from the carelessness of the cowbird mother but also that you have treasured the egg she left. All of the time spent with your grands sound fun. We’re going to Texas in a couple of weeks to see ours and can’t wait!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Happy Birthday to Ed!! Happy time with Kenzie! Happy photos, happy people – I have been blessed!!

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