Taking Time for a Teacup Exchange

Trust me! You do NOT want to see what all I have stuffed on my calendar over the next four months! I tremble and tuck tail when I have to look at that list. Hiding out under my bed sounds pretty good.

Now . . . it’s not that what I have going on is a bad thing–just too much of really good things.

And beauty, of course.


Let’s see . . . I’m launching my 1st WRITER’S REVERIE PODCAST on September 30th, which means I have to master the art of audio editing by then. No problem!


I have to publish the first of our digital Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books for homeschool, Sunday school, children’s church, home church, and family devotions. 

Piece of cake.

keep calm

I have to complete the text for Book 2 in my Fable Springs Parables Series–Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize–AND host the online and “live hive” fundraising event so I have enough cash to actually produce the book in print for a Spring 2016 release.

It’s in the bank!

from The Queens English fb

Lest we forget–I have a new author coaching program I’m putting together to help writers develop their work, publish their work, build a platform, and market their finished product



Yeah–don’t talk to me about staying inside comfort zones.

You bet I need a little teatime diversion!!

Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose has come to the rescue with just the thing happening NOW–in September–and I’ve already signed up to participate. Click here to learn how you can too!


She’s done this before, it would seem, and I’m coming to the party a couple of years late. But at least I got here! And boy will I need this little spirit and soul lifter over the next few weeks!

It’s easy to connect with other tea lovers and connoisseurs of all things teacups and mugs from all over the world when we have such a savvy hostess to put this all together for us. I know I will need this teatime break for presents in the mail and a new teacup prize to add to my collection.

tea cabinet

PLUS–I’ll make a new friend across the miles and in Blogland to add to my heart! Here’s how:

1. Go to The Enchanting Rose webpage for the exchange.

2. Read all the directions.

3. Click on the form and fill it out with lots of details.

4. Copy the code for the sidebar button and add it to your website.

5. Dream about what you’ll package up to send to someone special as you await further directions.

6. Pray for the special someone you’ll be sending a prize to–that’s a BONUS!

I’m sharing this with all my tea ladies this week and hope you’ll participate, too!

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Ruth’s Teacup Tuesday

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Vintage Mama’s Cottage 

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  1. June Chapko says:

    I am so excited! I am signed up!!!

  2. Bless your sweet heart, Miss Kathy! How kind and thoughtful of you to share the Tea Cup Exchange on your website 🙂 I am simply thrilled to have you along on this fun adventure and I hope you are richly blessed.

    Sweet hugs to you! Stephanie – The Enchanting Rose

    • Surely, Stephanie!!
      I’m getting a number of local friends and bloggers into the exchange and we’re planning a tea party at a local tea room once we all get our goodies to celebrate our prizes with scones and cookies. Looking forward to creating that post!

  3. Well, my dear Kathy, you are certainly going to be busy! It is wonderful to have goals and such aspirations. Love the Philippians 4:13 teacup! So pretty and a good verse to keep in mind while walking each step toward achieving those goals. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Enjoy this new month, my friend.


    • Blessings, Sandi! Thanks for always setting such an example of the consummate Tea Lady! In the midst of all my busy I take great joy escaping to your blog and PEI with you!

  4. What a great post and so creative. I love all your cute signage and your teacup display! So glad you shared. Summer is winding down so I hope yours was sweet.

  5. Hello! Stopping by from Katherine’s Corner. The Tea Mug and Cup Exchange is such a great idea! Love your blog, especially all the writing inspiration.

    • Thanks, Nicole! Hope you participate in the exchange! A number of my friends and bloggers locally are doing so and we’ll be celebrating our goodies at a local tea room with a party. Looking forward to sharing more on that!

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