Podcast #2: When the Pageant Wagon Comes to Town

Once upon a time, after the libraries were burned and the villages sacked, and a great darkness covered Western Europe, the Pageant Wagons rolled into town.

And then, there was light.

True story.

When the Pageant Wagon Comes to Town, THe Writers Reverie Podcast Episode 2, Kathryn Ross

It’s a slice of history not many people know about anymore—and certainly not taught in contemporary classrooms. However, it’s true. It happened.

And, it can happen again.

[Tweet “The medieval Pageant Wagons brought light and literacy into a dark and illiterate era of history.”]

They restored literacy to the people, brought learning to the masses, and the Word of God into the hands of hungry disciples of all ages.

Though world peace continues to elude mankind into our present day, it is not for lack of light or resources. It’s how those resources are employed and the messages they communicate that will separate the Pageant Wagon storytelling of light, literacy—and hope, from mere platforms of persuasive tales with dead ends.

It’s exciting to still be living in the middle of His Story. And a worthy rumination this month at The Writer’s Reverie. I hope you’ll join me for a 20 minute teatime break in your day to give a listen to this month’s podcast as I share a little history lesson that is the inspiration for why I do what I do . . . and why I speak and write under the name of Pageant Wagon Productions.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Can You Help Us Be Light in the Darkness?

bee a friend

Last year at this time we secured modest funding to get us off the ground and running to the presses with the first Fable Springs Parables book, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things, which we’re currently on tour with and expecting the Study Guides to begin releasing later in November.

In the past 12 months, the Lord has opened many doors to us for more published products and writer mentoring. We’ve fine-tuned our vision and mission to meet the needs of the Christian family in literacy and discipleship through the power of story and interactive teaching and learning. 

Bugaboo-Bee will be ready to go to press soon–but we need the funding to do so, and to expand our marketing reach to reach our publishing and ministry goals, and reading audience.

Look for more details on the campaign coming next week when we launch between November 2 through November 16 on Go Fund Me. Will you consider helping us bring Bugaboo to the printed page and Pageant Wagon Publishing to an expanded reach with a generous gift?

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