Teacup Exchange Reveal: A Welcome Respite

I overbooked October.

Entirely my own fault. Perhaps I confused October with octopus–thinking I had eight arms enough to accomplish all I’ve set for myself to do this month.

Writing and project deadlines are looming–but I am welcoming a couple of happy respites this week: Tea and vintage breaks for a weary writer.

This past Saturday, Ed and I dressed for the occasion and drove to nearby historic Mullica Hill for Civil War Weekend. Many of our Civil War re-enactor friends were gathering for an afternoon battle. I had just enough time to stop by the ladies’ Tea Tent and prove the fact that I can be dragged from behind my keyboard and edits into another time and place for a bit of a retreat.

Civil War re-enactors, tea ladies,

I enjoyed Miss Vi’s spice cake–but, alas! All three of the teas they were serving were black teas. My tummy doesn’t do black teas anymore. BooHoo.

The battle raged a couple blocks away with guns and artillery and 30 year veterans of a passionate hobby retelling lessons learned from our fractious past. Valuable lessons, indeed.


But, for my part, I took time in the Union campsite to hear the old-fashioned tunes of a drum and bugle corp band. It was like a Sunday afternoon by the park bandstand. Stepping back in time . . .


When we take time for tea at home, there is pause for regrouping in the pleasure. Double that pleasure when a package arrives in the mail stuffed full of teatime treats and treasures!


Which brings me to today with a visit to The Enchanting Rose for September’s Teacup Exchange Reveal–after a lovely exchange organized by our own Stephanie . . . quite the lover of all good things and beauty!


I sent out a package to Joanne at Anne’s Attic Designs–a fellow lover of vintage and loveliness.

I had no idea who had been chosen to send me my prize until . . . it arrived! And, the first thing I saw made my heart leap with joy. A handcrafted card with a nod to Charles Dickens!


The talented Marilyn, blogging at Mountain Top Spice, created a work of art–and signed her work on the back. I was so touched by the thought and time so lovingly put into the gift.


Carefully, I unwrapped each precious goodie inside. The sweet smell came from a bar of fragrant soap that made the whole package a feast for all five senses.


Violets and vintage was the theme for the teacup–a splendid pedestal cup on a lace-like saucer from Japan.

Tucked inside the box was a handmade folder with my name on the front and inside a bookmark, inspirational quotes, a writing pad for notes, and bejeweled pen for writing.



Beyond perfect!

Devotional reading in a precious God’s Promises for Women book will join my early morning reading shelf–thank you! And, the peppermint and chamomile teas are beloved by both myself and my husband.


Marilyn and I have since connected via email and found we share many common places. Thank you, Stephanie, for bringing new friends together!

[Tweet “And, THEN–this morning, I receive the news that I am the winner of the Give-Away!!”]

That’s right! As if our own teacup exchange didn’t bring presents to our front door enough–Stephanie has a Give-Away with more goodies–and I won! Thank you, Lord! These sweet little gifts to help me break up the monster work schedule I’ve put myself into is so very appreciated. I’m looking forward to a new prize coming in the mail–Thanks, Stephanie!!



One of the things on my work list this month is a fun little online Premier Jewelry Designs Party with a portion of the proceeds going to support my new book–the second in the Fable Springs Parables Series, Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize


You are all invited to look through the ONLINE CATALOG. If you find something you would like–or that may be a great gift for someone you know and love (think Christmas shopping)–just email bugaboobeesbling@gmail.com and an invoice will be sent to you with payment directions. You’ll receive your jewelry by the end of the month.

[Tweet “But–hurry! The party ends at midnight this Saturday, October 17th!”]

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize, Fable Springs Parables, Pageant Wagon Publishing

I love this book series I’m working on in my idyllic English village fiction setting of Fable Springs Village. And you know–there’s a tea shop there designed just of all of us lovers of teatime, enriching conversation, all good things and beauty . . .

Fable Springs Parables, Pageant Wagon Publishing

The Writer's Reverie Miss Kathy

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  1. What a beautiful tea cup and journal you received! What lovely goodies. I’m so glad you had a fun time in the exchange. 🙂


    • Thanks, Ashley! This was a lovely exchange that I almost didn’t do because I’m so busy. But–we must take the time for respite and I’m thankful that the Lord knows our needs, even when they seem fanciful. Joy to you!

  2. What wonderful gifts you received from Marilyn, Kathy! The teacup is lovely and violets are always so dear and vintage-like. The journal is a sweet gift too and one is always happy to receive tea. Your little Fable Springs Village sounds simply charming. Thank you for sharing your treasures with us today and have a wonderful week, my friend.


  3. Your lovely weekend was so festive. The sweet violets teacup and saucer is perfect for tea time. Your new book sounds so interesting for I love tea! Please, pop over and view my post this week!
    Have a grand fall week!


    • Thanks, Pam! Your blog is filled with such welcoming settings and table themes–where do you store all those beauties! I used to do more of that but my writing schedule now narrows me to one on one teas a couple times a month. Thanks so much for dropping by for my teacup exchange reveal–a treat to myself this month!

  4. What a lovely teacup – and such wonderful treasures to have received!

    And a great big congrats for winning Stephanie’s giveaway as well!

    Yes, indeed, the very best about the swap is the friendships made.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Michele! I’m looking forward to my give-away prize coming any day now–and, of course–I’ll share all the goodies with everyone next week. Stay tuned!

  5. Debbie Harris says:

    Hello Kathy~ I’m visiting you from my dear Stephanie’s party, so nice to meet you!
    Oh my my…That tea cup from dear Marilyn is gorgeous! I do not believe I have ever seen a tea cup quite like that one, quite unique, and the lacy saucer, just lovely.
    Marilyn is such a dear!! I just adore her and you will too.
    Congratulations on your win! 🙂
    Bless you~ Debbie

    • Hi Debbie! Glad you jumped on board with the teacup exchange. And how delighted I am with my new friend, Marilyn! We’ve exchanged emails and prayer requests since we connected. Thanks to Stephanie for hosting–and look for my post on the give-away prize coming soon!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Good morning, sweet Kathryn. Your post took me back in time starting with your historical beginning and then finishing with a delightful tea time. May I just say you received a stunning tea cup from Marilyn! It is quite feminine and whimsical. The extra items are simply lovely and it’s apparent that she put a lot of love and care into your package 🙂

    I am so thankful you took a little time for yourself and joined the exchange. It was truly a blessing and joy to have you along for the adventure. I am also glad my dear little son drew your name for the giveaway {{smiles}} I hope you enjoy the handmade items.

    Much love and sweet hugs to you!

    • Thank you, Stephanie! You have always been an inspiration and this exchange is a brilliant way to connect with like minds for good things and beauty in our lives. Joy!

  7. Oh my what a great package of joy! I especially love the personalized folder which could be used for so many different things. I am so glad you shared your treasures at Friends Sharing Tea! Have a great week!

    • Thanks for dropping by Bernideen! I don’t get to do my tea posts as regularly as I used to, so it is a real treat when I have an opportunity to do so! Will be posting the prizes I won in the Give-Away, too–two goodie bags coming my way with this exchange!

  8. Oh my, you have received a plethora of treasures. Your pretty tea cup with the sweet violets is a dream!!

    • Thanks, Kim! I have a number of cups in the violet pattern, plus a pot and creamer set. The shape of this new one in the exchange is different than my other violet cups. I need to do a whole violet post sometime to feature them!

  9. I love this. Was this through the mail or locally? I would definitely partake in this!

  10. Congratulations Kathryn on being the winner…how blessed are you!!!

    Your teacup package from Marilyn is lovely! The teacup is so pretty…I love the pedestal on the cup, but most of all I love the saucer!!! The handmade folder is precious!!! So glad you joined Stephanie’s exchange…it’s an excellent experience!

    I have never attended a Civil War re-enactment, and what fun it must be to be part of it!!! You look lovely in all your finery! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    • Thanks, Olivia! I really enjoyed this exchange and look forward to the next one in the spring. It is such a delight to have a prize package show up on my front porch after a long work week–and I’m feeling very blessed that the give-away package is coming to me, too. Double blessing–plus meeting new kindred spirits through the exchange–joyful day!

  11. Respites are a good thing – and I’m so glad that you got to rest and refresh a bit! The new addition to your teacup collection is really pretty! Wish I could wander down the lane to your house and share a cuppa…


  12. Congratulations on winning the giveaway, Kathryn! I’m a fan of all things purple so I’m loving the unique purple teacup that you received!

    • Thanks, Margie! I have a number of violet patterns in different shapes and this is a great addition. Looking forward to the give-away arriving, too–favorite things!

  13. Dear Miss Kathy….how delighted I am to find you again! I don’t know how I lost you, but I did! It was so fun to read your blog post and see what you are up to these days. Just as busy as always. I have missed you. Lovely exchange package and congrats on winning the special gift.
    Lady Linda

    • Oh, Lady Linda! How delightful to hear from you!! I have thought of you and how I miss some old regulars. Since migrating from blogger it’s been hard to keep up with my original followers. I had to scale back my posting and was very irregular last year and earlier this year with my publishing ventures, but I’m posting weekly now and not always a tea post. Plus I have a blog on my new website at http://www.pageantwagonpublishing.com. It is a treat when I get to do a tea post–and this exchange was a delight! So glad to reconnect, milady!
      Joy to you!

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