The Power of Two

Once upon a time there was  little girl who liked to write stories.

She wrote about the things that made her heart sing. In her story world, their might be a mystery to solve on one day, and high adventure to discover on the next. Perhaps a schoolgirl might stumble over a treasure tucked secretly away in the attic. Or an old photograph would unlock a door to another time and place. 


In each story she wrestled with her main character’s search for truth–and the need to tell others what she learned from each tale. About herself. About life.

About truth.

She wrote and wrote and wrote. And kept all her stories in a box . . . along with a dream.

“Someday, I will tell my stories with words and pictures!”

Trouble was, this creative little girl had no problem writing her words, but drawing the pictures eluded her.

Her dream to publish her stories would have to wait. Until another Creative could connect her words and give them images.

Alone, she had lots of creative ideas and plenty of words on a page–but, as Pooh Bear said to Piglet one day, “It’s always better with two.”

better with 2

Did you ever have a creative idea but needed someone to come alongside to help turn that idea into reality?

That’s the way I felt after I wrote the first Fable Springs Parables book, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things in 2007.

I knew I had an inspiring read with a powerful life lesson to teach biblical truths on multiple levels, but after performing it at my weekly Tale Spin Stories Storytime in the center court of our local mall, for upwards to 70 youngsters and their parents/caregivers . . . I tucked my tale away in a computer file.

Would it never find a broader audience? The dream to publish my written works never left that little girl who wrote stories.

This particular story was perfect for a picture book. But, I was a writer. Not an illustrator.

I wanted to “grow into greater things” but I needed “patience for the prize”.

In Due Season . . .
Fast forward to 2013 when a casual conversation with artist/illustrator, Noah Berge, became the embryo egg we creatively nested on for two years. In due season, it was time to break out of our shells and publish—“growing into greater things” . . . and help others to do the same through the power of story!

Author Kathryn Ross and Illustrator Noah Berge autograph Mother Chicken's Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things

Good stories. Entertaining stories in the tradition of the classics.

Stories that wrestled with truths about life and living from a biblical perspective of time-tested wisdom.

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Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 NKJV

We all need companions along the way to help us realize the dream God calls us to–or else our purpose and calling may be overpowered by defeat and want. We’re not lone rangers in this life. I am so thankful for God’s timing in bringing His sufficiency into my work as a writer, with peer Creatives to help along the way. In their due season. 

So, two ARE better than one. My words now had luscious watercolor illustrations in the classic tradition of Beatrix Potter. Our first Fable Springs Parables book, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things, was off the press. PLUS, now I had the inspiration for the second book in the series, Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize!

Page 11-Monty chick hatches

Last year at this time I conducted my 1st Capital Campaign to raise the funds necessary to get the production engine of Pageant Wagon Publishing fired up! looking back, I’m amazed to see the list of how we’ve grown in vision and literary/teaching/enrichment products in just ONE year, with the financial help of generous supporters.

This month we’re moving into the second leg of this publishing journey with a host of teaching tools and enrichment programs for the Christian family, discipleship, and literacy advocacy. This second leg will kick us into high gear so we can take off for 2016! We have TWO fundraising efforts planned—a Go Fund Me Campaign coming the first two weeks of November, and a little bit of fun and fancy which launches TODAY!

PremierDesigns Ad 1

The Power of Two Comes Through, Again!

I’m teaming up with CREATIVE DIVA and dear friend—JEWELRY JEN LANGLOIS, Accessory Stylist with Premier Jewelry Designs.
Oh, yes! I almost forgot—BUGABOO-BEE is co-hosting the review, too!


This is going to be a ton of fun!

It’s only ONE week—October 9th through Saturday, October 17th—and is hosted as a Facebook Event. It’s an ONLINE CATALOG show that we’re promoting with great content posted each day of the campaign.

We’ll be sharing entertaining and informative bits about jewelry
in history, in books, and in today’s trendy looks!

I had a great time pulling out some of my own “tome treasures” and bling—here’s a sneak preview image from one of the posts I’ll be featuring:

Premier Jewelry Designs, Lady Catherine's Necklace, Joan Aiken, The Writer's Reverie, Pageant Wagon Publishing

Even if you’re not on Facebook, but would like to participate with a bit of bling ordered for yourself—or to fill your Christmas list—you can visit the catalog link directly here:

Bugaboo’s Bee-Bop-n-Bling Review

Just email your order to:

You’ll receive an invoice with payment directions. Your order will be shipped direct to you by the end of October!

A portion of the proceeds will benefit our upcoming Fable Springs Parables book—Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize—another powerful life lesson tale and discipleship tool for Christian families and homeschoolers . . . and lovers of good things and beauty.

Bugaboo-Bee wants to do the bee-bop dance and gather pockets full of pollen like the grown-up bees. But, it’s not yet her time, to bee-buzz amid the banks of thyme in Mary Contrary’s gardens. With a “‘buzz-a-whack” and a “zippity-zoo” young Bugaboo-Bee tries to lead before she has learned to follow. Chaos ensues! Will the flowers and herbs in Mary Contrary’s gardens ever be the same again? Here’s a family literacy story for children of all ages exploring what must happen before Bugaboo learns to make sweet patience, with contentment, while waiting for the prize!

It’s written entirely in rhyme which, in performance, is great fun to read and hear. All Ireland Fiddle Champion, Haley Richardson, returns in collaboration with me to set Bugaboo’s story to music for our audio book edition. We’re having a great time with that and will have another guest musician performing with us, too!


I am so blessed to be working with such talent on our Pageant Wagon Publishing creative team! This week in particular, with our Bugaboo’s Bee-Bop-n-Bling Review, with Premier Jewelry Designs, teaming up–the POWER OF TWO–with Jewelry Jen’s eye for style, artistic flair, and her gift for mentoring others with such warmth and compassion—I’m over the moon delighted to be so connected!

If you visit Bugaboo’s Bee-Bop-n-Bling event page on Facebook, would you consider sharing it with your network of interested friends? The more the merrier at this show. Premier Designs has a proven track record filled with enthusiastic fans who love their quality high fashion styles at affordable prices.

Be sure to click that you’re GOING to the event, so you’ll receive all our interesting posts—one in the morning and one in the evening. Plenty of story and style to be had at this show! Engage the page and share your stories of favorite reads, thoughts on fashion, and the bling you like best!

I’d serve tea if I could, but you’ll have to settle for the jewels . . .

The Writers Reverie, jewelry, teacup, teapot

Pageant Wagon Publishing is passionate about providing quality literature

for the Christian family: 

Telling Stories That Lead to All Good Things & Beauty!

Learn more about what’s happening at Pageant Wagon Publishing with Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop here!

The Writer's Reverie Miss Kathy

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