Ruby for Women Holiday 2015 Issue

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I am honored to be a contributing writer and on the blogging team for Ruby for Women–a community of Christian women writing inspirational, devotional, and lifestyle articles for Christian women. At Ruby for Women we offer words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to women everywhere. God has given a story to each one of us, and in the Ruby for Women community, we seek to hear the true and authentic voice of every Christian woman–and be a platform for that voice to be heralded abroad through this far reaching digital format:

In this issue, you’ll find my feature article titled, Holy Moments in No  Man’s Land on page 28, and my book review related to this story on page 61.

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In between, you’ll find inspirational and informational reading specific to both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Recipes, DIY crafts, hospitality, wellness, memoirs, poetry, puzzles, and Bible study articles are featured. 

Remember the old IDEALS magazines that would grace the coffee table in homes across the nation in each season? Well, sadly, you can only find Ideals issues at thrift stores and antique markets. But–Ruby for Women is much like the Ideals Magazine reading experience–with so very much more packed in its pages by a team of talented Christian writers.

But, why am I taking up valuable reading time in your life rambling on here? Check it out for yourself NOW! Just click on the live issue above to read and be ye blessed.

NOTE: Look for my December PODCAST where I’ll be sharing the dramatized reading of Holy Moments in No Man’s Land. Have a hanky ready–there will be tears of joy as heart strings are plucked and raised towards our Prince of Peace.


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Help Pageant Wagon Publishing provide quality literature and study guides for the Christian family, home, church, and school. GO FUND ME TODAY!

Help Pageant Wagon Publishing provide quality literature and study guides for the Christian family, home, church, and school. GO FUND ME TODAY!


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  1. Hi Kathryn!
    I am your neighbor on Thought Provoking Thursday. I so much enjoyed your story about Holy Moments in No Man’s Land. I heard that story some time ago, but the context of your article about Hilda and the miracle that happened is precious indeed. Thanks so much for sharing this. It was a joy to visit you today!
    God richly bless you!

    • Thanks, Pam! You’re right, it is a familiar story about the 1914 truce–but isn’t is wonderful how the Lord never tires of His Story and gives us fresh ways to walk in old tales in our times. So blessed you dropped by and checked out Ruby for Women!

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