Podcast #4: Holy Moments in No Man’s Land

“And suddenly in two tongues one song filled the night sky.”

Christmas in the Trenches, by John McCutcheon

At Christmastime, my husband Ed grows out his whiskers, and you might find us in bookstores or eldercare facilities as Mr. and Mrs. Claus.


It is pure joy to hold court with little ones, like this cutie at Barnes & Noble @ Rowan University this year. Ed always shocks parents when, instead of inquiring what they want for Christmas, he asks them what they want to be when they grow up. He spends his visit with them nurturing their hopes and dreams for a creative, productive future.

B&N 2015

But, we also find ourselves taking Santa and the Mrs. into elder care and nursing home facilities, where hopes and dreams of the future are clouded, and the only lights are memories of the past.

[Tweet “The past is brimming with promise for our future, if we know how to treasure the best of its gifts to us.”]

We’re blessed every time we cross the threshold of an assisted living or nursing home. The men and women spending their days in such a place once had active lives, working hard, raising families, loving, and laughing. They are now in a season of total dependence. It is a privilege to share a little song and story with them, tapping into their memory and affirming their worth.

In this month’s PODCAST, I’m sharing a dramatization of the article I wrote in the Holiday 2015 issue of Ruby for Women Magazine titled Holy Moments in No Man’s Land. It retells of an encounter we had with the wonder of Christmas in a nursing home with a very special lady named Hilda. She was much beyond her childhood years and child raising years. Now, seeing her waning years out as a prisoner in a wheelchair and the insular world of a nursing home facility . . .

[Tweet “Her story of bravery on the battlefield of age & ill health ran parallel to the tale I told that day.”]

Click the podcast play button above . . . and be sure to have tissues at the ready. Not a dry eye is to be expected and the wells of your heart will be filled with the eternal purposes of God and His joy this Christmas.

For all the details on Christmas in the Trenches and Silent Night, Holy Night, visit my blog at Pageant Wagon Publishing for a book review with links to purchase these two must have books for meditations each Christmas.

From our home to yours,

may you know God’s richest blessings of peace

in His love and promises

this Christmas day! 

The Writer's Reverie Miss Kathy

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  1. That was an amazing performance and I so enjoyed the meal you two enjoyed together. What a lovely tea time you had! So glad you shared this posting!

    • Thank you, Bernideen. I’m glad you were blessed. I hope you listened to Haley play, too–quite the phenomenon! I do enjoy it when I can kick back for a leisure post for teatime. Check in with you next week, too!
      P.S. If you loved my podcast, do share it on your social media and bless your loved ones with the story, too. Thanks!

  2. May God bless you for sharing your lives with those in the nursing home. The podcast is wonderfully tearful and I look forward to what you share next at Literacy Musing Mondays.

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