Christmas Caprese Tea

I was up early this morning preparing teatime. Haley would arrive by 9:00am and I had much to do before opening the door and welcoming her to our annual Christmas teatime.

Haley Richardson, fiddle, Merry Christmas

Haley and I have met on Tuesday mornings for the past few years. She’s home-schooled to allow plenty of room to groom her for a world-class music career as an Irish musician. At the tender age of 13, she’s already tucked six All Ireland Fiddle trophies under her belt, and added the Junior Fiddler of Dooney title to her accomplishments this past October.

I’m her writing mentor and partner in all things artsy-craftsy creative–her second love after music. We always have tea and home-made cookies with our writing session, but for Christmas we dream up something special.

This year we decided to make a caprese salad the centerpiece of our teatime. I provided the salad–Haley brought the gourmet dressing infused with raspberry and fig.

Caprese Christmas salad

Sutter Buttes gourmet balsamic vinegar

caprese salad

[Tweet “We’d each make a treat, too. I hoped she’d make her fabulous French macaroons.”]

French Macaroons and Hello Dollies

I was not disappointed! She made almond and chocolate peppermint–and even embellished the almond macaroons with tiny trees and holly sprigs! I made my “Hello Dolly” layer cookies.

Macaroons and Lennox

holly macaroons and Lennox Holiday tea mug

chocolate peppermint macaroons and layer cookies

The tiny tea table between the recliners in my library/dining room was a clutter of teatime goodness. I used my Lennox Holiday teapot and tea mugs with vintage candlewick serving dishes and a glass platter for the salad. 

Caprese Salad teatime

Last year, our vintage elves, Sebastian and Desmond, simply had to participate. We couldn’t allow this year’s teatime to go without them at the center of the festivities, once again. Here they are wishing you well this Christmas, too!

Sebastian elf

Desmond Elf

And then there is Copperfield. 

Trying to keep him away from the cranberry goat cheese was a challenge. But, Desmond was resolute and stood guard admirably.

cranberry goat cheese log

Disappointed in not being allowed at table, Copperfield crept under the lace table covering and toyed with the flowing veil to compensate. 

cat and lace

An exchange of gifts brought more delight. Haley’s going home with some baking, a book craft, and a trip to Hobby Lobby.

Joy book art

I came away with a feast of French macaroons, and two handmade goodies: a Christmas tag made with some of the vintage tags I’d given her a while back–and the most adorable snow globe crafted in a vintage blue Mason jar! 

vintage image snowman tag

Mason jar snow globe

Plus, in light of our current collaboration on the audio book soundtrack for Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize–my picture book due out by Easter 2016–she gifted me with a darling bee-themed apron which will be splendid to wear when we do performances of the story on book tour next year, along with our gifted illustrator, Noah Berge. Here’s a sample with the inspirational quote that set the story in motion.

look at the bees amid the banks of thyme

I’m very excited about the music we’re using for this story. Here’s a sample of one tune Haley’s playing for the audio book during the scene where young Bugaboo sneaks out for her first flight over the gardens at BeeHaven Towers, clumsily buzzing over Fruitful Acres, smelling the thyme and flowers . . .

We’re using a mix of traditional Irish, swing, and classical. This piece is the Scherzo Tarantelle Op. 16 by Henri Wieniawski. Doesn’t it bring to mind a buzzing bee flitting to and fro?

When we’re not working on the book, we’re working on her blog, Tuneful Journeys. Currently, she’s finishing up a three part interview with one of her mentors, Liz Carroll. Check it out here.

Time to clean up and put away what’s left of our teatime setting. Satisfied tummies and contented giggles tickle the air as we say our farewells for the week. We’ve many creative endeavors to look forward to in the new year. I hope you’ll stay tuned to learn more on that score!

Meanwhile, as I sip my afternoon tea and upload this post to cheer you, I pray you all enjoy God’s richest blessings this Christmas and New Year. Don’t rush away just yet–do click over to my PODCAST Christmas post, Holy Moments in No Man’s Land . . .

promo image episode 4

Relax with a touching story to inspire you with my hope for this season and new year:

cat lace Luke 2-14

The Writers Reverie blog signature, Kathryn Ross

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Help Pageant Wagon Publishing provide quality literature and study guides for the Christian family, home, church, and school. GO FUND ME TODAY!



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  1. The treats are yummy, the crafting projects inspired and your young fiddler Haley is amazing. Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks, Beth! Blessings of Christmas to you and yours! I love a home filled with good things to eat, art and music–not just at Christmas, but year round!

  2. It all looks so wonderful, I can’t decide which one is my favorite. But I was intrigued by that book craft. I’d love to know how that is done, except I don’t think I could do that to any of my books! Looks like you both had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas, my friend.

    • Hi Mary! Blessings of Christmas to you and yours! Wish I could have you for tea one day . . . but . . . if you head to Barnes & Noble, you can get the special book edition to do the book art yourself. There are four words in classic editions of literature available. It’s the book with special shaded areas on the pages so you know where to manually fold them to create the words. Enjoy!
      Love ya!

  3. What fun you and Haley have together! Your tea time looks wonderfully cozy and might I add, delicious! Love the mason jar snow globe! Another entertaining post, Miss Kathy! Thank you for sharing with us and I wish you and those you love a Wondrous and Blessed Christmas!


    • Thank you, Sandi! Blessings backatcha and to your family whom you hold dear. Stay warm and cozy–we sure will in South Jersey with 70 degree weather! Gah! Christmas joy to you!

  4. What a delightful Christmas tea! Now I’m craving macaroons. Hee! Merry Christmas!

    • Oops! Sorry, Margie! I ate the last of the macaroons this week. Perhaps we’ll have more to share again with everyone. Haley loves to make them! Thanks for dropping by!

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