Just a Little Pink to Start the New Year Right

We’ve all been sharing our “words” for the new year. 

I have exhausted my audience with my ramblings on the subject in a two part post kick-off to the new year. You can read the long version in Part 1, and then follow-up with the exciting sequel in Part 2.

BUT–for all our pinkies out there–a little something special.

You see, my word for this year is very short. So this post will be short. And sparkling with an expression of joy in taking pleasure in creative endeavors. Much the way God does (as explained in Part 1 of my longer posts to the purpose–READ ON!)

Here, just for you dear ones at Pink Saturday, I am sharing my Alice in Wonderland artistic altered bottle representation of what I learned last year and am taking into this year. Can you find my very short and to the point word for 2016?

joy bottle

That’s right! GO!!

Many times we see what’s ahead and shrink back from going forth into the fray. We all have mountains and hills before us. But, God’s Word empowers us to walk IN His Word every step. Every year. 

Here’s the Isaiah 55:12 Scripture I’m taking with me into 2016–mountains and hills be warned!

trio with word

Coming up this spring I’m releasing my second picture book–Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize-and I’m beyond excited to GO FORTH with that! Our talented illustrator, Noah Berge, just delivered the final for the cover–here it is:

Bugaboo Cover Promo

I rambled a bit more on the subject of “words” and their impact on us as goal setters each year in an article of mine published this month in Ruby for Women Magazine–an e-zine I’m a contributing writer for. Just click below and start reading. My article is on page 29, but you have plenty of great reading by a host of talented writers to keep you inspired and encouraged until the next issue coming out in February. I’ll be a GO with an article in that issue, too!

Meanwhile–break out all the ribbons and bows and laces and what-nots, I’m GOING FORTH and taking joy in the creative arts this year as a daughter of the Creator made in His image. To that end, I’m re-starting my Etsy shop with my favorite winter accessory–fingerless gloves! My hands are always freezing, as a writer, and I wear these till spring. Why not make them a fashion statement and share them with other creatives . . .

Frill Mitt collage promo

Some Floral Frill Clips may make it back in my Etsy shop, too. And–I may be dropping by Beverly’s Blog Shop on occasion. 

floral frill 2016 promo

I’m Going Forth with more balance in my creative life this year–and praying God’s provision and productivity be the result–blessings so I may be a blessing.

How about you? What are you “going forth” into 2016 to accomplish with greater balance and productivity?

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Sharing this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

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  1. Awesome shares Kathryn! Beautiful and colorful and perfect for Pink Saturday! Enjoy your weekend and thank you.for sharing. Have a terrific weekend. Hugs, Anne xo

  2. Perfect word for you! Yes!!

    G od’s
    O jectives

    And I can see where He is taking you on His path, as you enter into new activities and adventures. And though you might be fearful and intimidated sometimes, you’re breaking out of the shell. You’re my hero…

    I am going forth into the Land of Gratefulness. And I am discovering how it’s changing my footsteps.


    • Well, I’m GRATEFUL for you, milady! Thanks for dropping by with a Woot-Woot as I journey forth into the fray. Already this month there are ominous mountains and hills. But, God has promised they’ll be breaking forth in song before me as He makes the way through them for His glory! Hanging in there with the grateful word, too!

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