RJD Farewell and Greater Things

Were that the days possessed more hours. Or weeks more days. Perhaps then, we would be able to accomplish all that our hearts burst to create!

But, alas! Our lives are mere seconds slipping away and where does the time go. The month . . . the year . . . closes. Our inventory of dreams fulfilled and tasks completed are never meet to our desires. Serious thought must be given to scaling back our expectations and zeroing in on the needs musts of our lives.

Our Dawn at Enthusiastically Dawn has had to do just that. Here’s a gal with too many books to write, and words to pen, and the confines of daily living just won’t allow the crowd of ducks that follow her. Some keep getting out of line and, though it breaks her heart, must be given their walking papers.

So it seems to be with Dawn’s hosting of Random Journal Day–a place for kindred writers and book lovers to congregate on the first Friday of each month for the purpose of sharing excerpts from their myriad of journal entries in whatever shape or form.

Being unconventional and undisciplined in my own journaling, I did not feel quite on par with these ladies, at first. But, I realized that my life is a journal, recorded in such varied ways, that the avenue is not the point. The substance is. I was not able to contribute on a monthly basis, but tried to post a few times a year.

To that end, I was honored to be asked to share as a RJD Featured Journal Keeper back in November of 2014. I wrote an informative little bit about the many types of journals that I keep in a post titled, Variety is the Spice of Journaling. 


Since that time, I have added a new journal spice to my pantry: The Podcast.

As a performance storyteller, much of my journaling tends to pour out in metaphorical language in the form of stories with characters. My books, poetry, plays, and the like, tend to lean that way. So, though my journaling doesn’t always have a date and digest of thoughts and feelings and epiphanies, my stage plays become extensions of those things within the context of a character. So too, my stories, work out my experiences in wonderland settings.

Last year, I stepped into the world of podcasting. Just another excuse to journal my journey–through the power of story. To that end, I’d like to invite you to click on the link below for my latest foray into auto-biographical journaling via story. And, I invite you to take advantage of subscribing to receive the free e-book companion to the story with thought provoking commentary, Scriptures, and journaling prompts, so you can journal your response to the tale.


The Gatekeeper's Key w-verse

I dedicate it to our Dawn, who is laying to rest Random Journal Day in pursuit of greater goals in her Field of Dreams. Here’s to you, Dawn–may you know the Gatekeeper’s favor and possess the Key of Opportunity so you may, indeed, cross the portal to your potential in all the good things and beauty of which you so desire . . . and grow into greater things. 

So blessed to know you and I look forward to more writing and creative adventures with you, my friend, even without RJD on the docket each month.

Thanks for all the inspiration and hosting for so many years, Dawn!

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Sharing RJD Farewell and Greater Things this week with Dawn at Enthusiastically Dawn!

Don’t forget to pick up your own Free E-Book companion to The Gatekeeper’s Key podcast.

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  1. Kel Rohlf says:

    Kathryn- I love all the creativity flowing over here…I’m so grateful that Dawn linked us up! And I look forward to the reveries ahead! And love the writer’s gloves too…might have to do me some shopping. Blessings-Kel

    • Kel–Thanks so much. I do enjoy this group, even though I’m not as active as I’d like to be. Thanks for visiting and THANKS SO MUCH for your Frill Mitts order! Will be shipping out on Monday–really nice selection, too. Blessings!!

  2. So glad you joined our little band of wordsmiths here on RJD! Don’t you just love Dawn’s enthusiasm for life and love? She has kept me on my toes in more ways than one for the last few years and I am so thankful for her! I now look forward to the new paths she’s leading us towards! See you there, I’m sure.

    • Hi Susie–Joy to you and yes, fun little group of kindreds and lovers of words at RJD. Dawn has so many ideas–looking forward to what she has brewing for her new project. See you there!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful celebration and affirmation of what is past and what will be…I will look forward to listening to the podcast! I cannot believe all you have been doing the past year…woman you are a modern day , multi talented and multidimensional magician and Wonder Woman.

    • Well, not sure about the Wonder Woman moniker, but I hope you make time to listen to the podcast about the Gatekeeper’s Key–I KNOW you will find yourself there. So much the Lord has shown me in the past month that we may be on the threshold through our current trial. You, too, mayhap.
      Seek the keys . . .

  4. To everything there is a time, and a purpose under heaven.

    God calls us to lay some things down in the pursuit of others. May He continue to grant us His wisdom as we seek to follow Him, wherever He leads.


    • Times and seasons. Yes–we’re in one now. Ed’s out of work for a couple of months due to health issues and we don’t know what that portends for the future. I may be a Gatekeeper’s Key to something we’ve prayed about for many years–though health trials are always cumbersome. Turning those mountains and hills to praise (Isaiah 55:12) as per my word for the year . . .

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