Ruby For Women and Warm Hands

February arrives with a statement: We are well and truly into 2016 and no looking back but for the lessons learned in 2015.

Hearts and flowers and patriotic Presidents, not to mention Punxsutawney Phil, are the icons we mark this month with. Cupids and Valentine cards and perhaps even a crocus peeking up out of the ground by the end of this shortest of months are all things to look forward to.

AND . . . Ruby for Women Magazine!

I’ve got an article on page 44 in this February issue. But, I’m joined by a host of amazing writers with inspiration for Christian women on a variety of topics. Devotions, recipes, poetry, puzzles, DIY, and informational articles delivered in this digital e-magazine format means you’ve got reading at your fingertips on your phone, e-reader, or computer. 

Enjoy this month’s issue and share with someone you love!


My hands get sooooo cold in February!

When I spend my days writing on the keyboard, they are especially prone to the cold. I also seem to need double sock layers in the winter. Now, you might blame it on poor circulation–but as a creative spending far too much time behind a desk, my go to remedy for cold hands is a pair of fingerless gloves. My hands are warmed and my finger free to fly across the keyboard.


I love wearing them so much that I started making them to match different outfits. Picking up my needle and thread in the evenings after a long writing day, I’ve been fashioning my Frill Mitts with a host of embellishments to choose from. I’ve found that taking this creative time varies my use of creativity and actually makes me sharper for my writing purposes the next day. 

But then, what to do with all the mitts I’m making that I can’t possibly wear all of them? Thankfully, my Etsy shop at Cameo Impressions is a terrific place to upload to make them available to other kindred creatives looking for something to warm their hands with a bit of style and whimsy.

Cameo Impressions promo

Visit my Etsy shop

to see just what I’ve been up to.

I’ll be adding new styles each week–so come back and see what’s new next week, too!

book shop logo

Click to visit the NEW PWP Book Shop!

AND–speaking of NEW–I’ve just added all our Pageant Wagon Publishing books into the Book Shop page on our sister website. We’re making our physical books and devotional e-books available via our Cameo Impressions Etsy shopping cart, and our homeschool curriculum digital books are EXCLUSIVELY available via CURR-CLICK–servicing thousands of homeschool families with quality teaching and learning material!

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  1. You are so creative!! I just love all the different ways that you create! Especially your handcrafts. I am not a *crafty* person, and so I admire this gift a lot!

    Stay warm, dear friend!


    • Thanks, Sharon! It’s so cool how something I created for my own comfort and daily use has become an avenue of art therapy that can also bless others! Joy to you!

  2. I need gloves like that for cold day blogging! Thanks for sharing all of this with our Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Well Pam, you are the fashion maven for us over 50’s. I started making them to match my different outfits and loved coming up with the designs that I am carrying them in my Etsy shop at Cameo Impressions My personal collection is growing as some I make I can’t bear to part with! Need some self discipline–and yes–needs must for me because my hands are always so cold in the winter and especially typing all day.
      Joy to you!

  3. Very cool gloves, Kathy. I have one pair like that for when I’m greeting at church. Keeps my hands freer yet still fairly warm. Til it gets too cold, then my black full gloves change places. I’ll keep your shop in mind for next year in case I need more. They sound and look lovely. Have a lovely week and Happy Valentines Day to you! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kaye. I’m adding more weekly. I hope to raise additional funds for my book publishing budget–new book coming out for April 1st. I KNOW there are plenty of folks like me with cold hands out there! Makes elegant gifts for elders and people in hospital stays. I just did a special order for a cancer patient. Always blessed to be a blessing.

  4. Such cute gloves. My house has no insulation and days like this when it is 12 degrees outside it gets pretty cold at my desk. Such cute fingerless gloves that you make. Thank you so much for linking up with us this week at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I so glad you could join us again. Have a wonderful week.

    • Thanks, Jaime! I can’t be idle, but do need to take computer breaks. Sewing and handicrafts tends to re-align my creative brain cells and I actually am more productive in my writing when I balance my creativity that way. So, I’m filling my Cameo Impressions shop. Proceeds help to publish my upcoming books! Joy to you!

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