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Aye, ’tis time to be wearin’ the green this week in honor of St. Patrick and the ancient island where saints have tread with not a snake in sight . . . so legends say.


There is myth and legend surrounding this fellow from the 5th century, but I think fact is more splendid than fiction.

For a number of years I’ve shared some of the facts of Patrick’s story in a post each March 17th here at The Writer’s Reverie. This year, I condensed the post into article form with a book review of How The Irish Saved Civilization, by Thomas Cahill. Both are excellent resources to set the scene for Patrick’s amazing life and the impact he had on Christianity on the threshold of the dark ages. You can read both in this month’s issue of Ruby for Women E-zine!

You’ll find the articles starting on page 29–and a host of inspirational reading for the Easter season, spring DIY and recipes, puzzles, book reviews, and more!

Then, if you want to know more about the impact of Patrick’s story on later centuries–and on your life today–listen to my archived podcast, When the Pageant Wagon Comes to Town–click here to listen!

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I’m currently in book launch mode with lots to do before our release date on April 4th for Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize.


via the Pageant Wagon Publishing Book Shop!

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Stay tuned for the details about attending our Facebook Launch Party on Monday, April 4th from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST. Book discussion and bee facts and honey recipes are on the party menu–with prizes!

Click HERE to RSVPJOIN the party and plan to attend. SHARE the link with others you know who will enjoy this foray into family literacy, especially homeschoolers, Christian educators, and women’s ministries.

Meanwhile–break out the green and celebrate God’s goodness the the light of His purposes shining forth in the darkest of times. THIS is Patrick’s story–and a relevant encouragement to our story in today’s world.

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  1. Kathryn, you are amazing! I just shared the Podcast #2 over at my page Deep Roots At Home. Pray along with me that it will be noticed by many for their benefit and encouragement! Keep doing good and don’t become weary, my friend!

    • Thank you! Thank you, Jacqueline! High praise coming from you! I am praying for a greater reach this year, to encourage families to re-take the reigns of teaching and learning in the home and unseat the pop-culture that so captivates minds and hearts, dulling them for depth and truth and biblical critical thinking and reasoning. Story is a powerful tool. The story of pageant wagons have inspired me for years, since I had to research them for a drama curriculum I wrote 20 years ago. Thank you for sharing, my kindred friend.
      Joy to you!

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