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The whole idea of bees and the place they have in Creation has always fascinated me. In recent years I have taken an interest in the plight of beekeepers suffering the loss of hives by the thousands. Much has been documented and debated as to what is causing whole hives to die. A proliferation of GMO’s and chemical farming, posturing as increasing crop yields when, in fact, these methods are far from properly tested for long term effects in human health, let alone the imbalance it has the potential for causing in God’s built-in order and purposes of a natural eco-system.

Bypassing the ordered way of things to control and possess a perceived prize of greater value has been the undoing of civilizations for millennium. There is nothing new under the sun.

Nor in the human heart.

Perhaps this is why God’s ordered way of Creation holds so many powerful principles mankind would be wise to study—rather than how it might be re-arranged and perverted for misguided ends. Learning to think and reason via the life lessons taught to us by the humble honeybee is a more fruitful use of my time.

And yours—should you step into the world of Fable Springs Parables with my newest story, Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize, released this month to families passionate about enrichment literature making high concepts accessible and applicable to all ages—all at the same time.

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In researching material for this book and the study guide coming out in the fall, I used a fabulous reference called The Beekeeper’s Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses. It’s a comprehensive guide to all things bees and honey, including the history of beekeeping and how to set up beekeeping in your own backyard. The book included some great quotes pointing out the metaphorical value of bees as observed over thousands of years in different cultures. It fed the story mill in my spirit. What if a bee behaved contrary to her purpose?

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JOURNAL PROMPT: Think on these two Bee Metaphors. Which one stirs the story mill in your heart and mind. Write your thoughts and consider which Scriptures support these truths built into God’s Creation.

Life in the beehive functions smoothly according to a plan and order. It may look like chaos when you peek into the busyness of the beehive, but all things are working together for good with ordered steps. Sweetness and nourishing food is being manufactured. If one or more of those ordered steps are bypassed, true chaos ensues. THAT is Bugaboo-Bee’s story—attempting to bypass the steps directed to achieve a desired end. I think we all can identify with Bugaboo’s story from a time or two in our lives.

A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

What happens when we don’t allow the Lord to direct our steps? We’ve all been there.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Think on these things. Be brave—share your story in your journal and allow the Lord to show you something fresh and fruitful in the remembering:The Day I Was a Bugaboo in the Beehive and What I Learned . . .”

Share your story

For the month of April I’ll be sharing all about bees and literary lessons in celebration of our book launch of this second in the Fable Springs Parables series from Pageant Wagon Publishing. Learn more at our Pageant Wagon Publishing website–and be sure to order your autographed copy with the companion audio book CD where I perform the story with our Fable Springs fiddler, Haley Richardson–a six time All Ireland Fiddle Champion!

5 stars

Here’s a few of our FIVE STAR rave reviews:

We LOVE the Fable Springs Parables — they’re gentle and non-preachy nudges that model the right thing to do. Bugaboo Bee’s Bop is a wonderful hot-off-the-presses book from Pageant Wagon Publishing and Kathryn Ross!

Meg Shade Falciani, Homeschool Mom

Read Meg’s full review HERE!

Bugaboo-Bee lives in a community where life is full of joy and characters “grow into greater things.” In this picture-perfect setting, Bugaboo Bee decides to challenge the system and do things her own way. As an overly self-confident upstart, she questions established practices that require step-by-step learning. She forgoes the tried and true, time-tested educational methods, in preference for the easier choice—impulsively doing things her own way. The catastrophe that develops teaches her that the fastest way is not always best and that patience brings more satisfying rewards. This cleverly written book combines bee facts and whimsy, character development and science, with rhyming verse and exquisite illustrations. Kids will love it, and parents and teachers will welcome the opportunity to provide a bit of character building. This book is perfect for home, school, and public libraries.

Janice Hall Heck, Editor

It is a whimsical tale with an important life lesson for all. How often have we, like Bugaboo, shown discontent, impatience and thrown tantrums when we desire the accolades without learning the necessary skills to do a job properly. I was immediately captivated with the story’s setting which was brought to life not just by Kathryn’s captivating use of rhyme and meter but also through the impressive illustrations of Noah Berge.  It is a village I would like to continue to visit to learn much needed life lessons. With the added bonus of discussion questions at the end, I highly recommend this book

Trish Weldon, Writer

Delightful, engaging, and character building. A treasure for children and adults alike with a timeless message of patience, perseverance, and peace. Sometimes we need to wait for “the prize”, “the honey,” to flow into our lives. This book not only encourages us to wait, it teaches us how to wait through the fascinating practices of bees. A much needed message in our fast-paced culture. This book not only informs, it transforms.

Carolyn Ruch, Author

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop Patience for the Prize purchase

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  1. Just stopping by from the MissionalWomen blog party! 🙂

  2. Really creative metaphors and prompts thanks for sharing with us 😉

    • Thanks, Mary! I love writing and reading between the lines, tucking literary treasures there to be mined in deep reading and thinking. It’s how the Lord planned Creation as something glorious to be studied and through which we better know Him.

  3. Obviously, I have never thought too much about bees, besides a casual understanding of their value in farming and the growth of certain plants and trees … and avoiding their sting! I had never thought of the picture of Christ or some of the other thoughts you shared. Thanks for making think this Saturday morning. Have a blessed week-end.

    • Glad those humble little servants in yellow and black brought you some sweetness to meditate upon. I’ll be exploring more on this topic throughout this month’s posts–and in the Study Guides for the book in the fall. I’m looking forward to ministering Bugaboo-Bee’s life lessons in women’s seminars later this year. So much to gain from studying closely God’s Creation. I am always so puzzled as to why scientists are not the most enthusiastic believers with their life career studying Creation.

  4. Love the prompt! Thanks for sharing with #LMMLinkup!

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