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My feet hit the floor with an “ooff”!

I rarely awake with a “let’s get to it!” Mornings are tough for this little chick. I was bleary-eyed from binge watching Chip and Joanna of Fixer-Uppers on Netflix til midnight. Waking up would take some time. I went to bed dreaming of gutting my own little cottage which, based on the condition of the homes I see presented as viable options for fixer-upper clients, my house decidedly fits the mold. I wondered what potential resides within the walls—or horrors behind the walls. What might my house look like redrafted without some of them?

Chip and Joanna have an amazing ability to look at the space in a home and imagine it far different from what it is. They see the potential of what it can become, then . . .

Continued on page 35: My article in this month’s Ruby for Women Magazine — Life as a Fixer-Upper: Journal Challenge. Just CLICK the live magazine below and read my article and a host of other excellent devotional, inspirational, DIY, memoir, recipes, and puzzles for Christian women!

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  1. I also love Chip and Joanna and their show. I agree with you, I love Joanna’s style! Before we sold our house down the hill, we did a major remodel. It was difficult, time-consuming, and costly – but well worth the effort. We ended up selling it for more than we were asking for! We did some more minor remodeling up here – paint, carpeting, new tile, new kitchen. So I guess I feel like I have some experience! I also have to admit that I love the demo work!

    In my spiritual life, demo work isn’t as much fun! And yes, the re-modeling that the Lord does takes a long time, and there are snags, and it’s costly. But, I know from the lessons that I learned in re-modeling a home, that the Lord can create a beautiful final product if I let Him do the *fixing*!!


    • I’m overwhelmed with the amount of fixer-upper fixes my little rancher needs. I expect the Lord sees as many flaws and necessary gut jobs in my life–well, it’s a never ending job. But at least one of those fixer-uppers is in re-fit. Thankfully, He’s always working on me. Will make due with the rancher until He makes the way for that job, too.

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