Drama Takes Center-Stage, Once Again

Playwriting has been my forte since childhood when, as a stage-struck little girl, everything became story and performance. Plays, puppet shows with my toys, mimicking cartoons and T.V. shows (in the family friendly early 1960’s when it was safe) and more. Once I learned to read and write I voraciously recorded my stories with pen and college ruled paper. When Mom granted permission to use her electric typewriter, I was convinced that the script I wrote for an episode of The Brady Bunch would pave a path to Hollywood for me.


But, all these things worked together for good. Thankfully. The Brady Bunch script was never mailed. My life did not detour to Hollywood. Community threatre apprenticeship took center stage by age twelve and my Saturday afternoons were saturated with studying old movies from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. I filled my head with endless trivia about old movie stars and the look of mid-century fashions. Every movement of the actor, inflection of voice and line delivery, and directorial storytelling choice was filed away in mind and heart. I learned from the family-friendly best.

As an adult, my stage and acting experience turned to scriptwriting, directing, and producing. As a Christian, the Lord took me through a three year sanctification process, redeeming my worldly pursuit and purposes in stagecraft and storytelling to His ways and means. He laid the foundation for the drama ministry and creative communication of the Gospel in my life that I’ve joyfully walked in for over thirty years.

In that time, I’ve delighted in telling His Story on the stage to audiences, while using the production time with my casts–young and old–as a means of discipling them in their gifts and relationship with God.

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Finally, after putting my years of drama ministry and original, performance tested scripts on the back burner, the Lord is bringing those resources to the front and turning the heat up. This summer, I’ve embarked on the epic journey of putting years of drama writing and production into print for other Christian dramatists to use in churches, schools, and community theatre groups. I’m thrilled to begin the process of publishing these quality, performance tested works at affordable royalty and script fees.

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First off the press this month is a radio drama taking audiences back in time to the days before television. Created within the context of teaching eighth grade drama, the character of Marshall Mission, Janitor Man was born, giving a nod to the serial adventures that were popular on radio in its heyday. The script recreates a radio station onstage to see behind-the-scenes of how broadcast communication storytelling got its start behind a microphone:

Marshall Mission, Janitor Man, with his secret store of cleaning supplies, not only makes your floors and windows sparkle, but he has the power to eliminate the stain of sin from the human heart, as well. With his faithful assistant, Brillo Boy, and an arsenal of cleansers, detergents, polishing waxes, and his most secret weapon of all—the soap-on-a-rope collection—Marshall Mission travels the world wide in search of wrongs to right, dirt to vacuum, and filthy rags to wash whiter than snow. 

Soaked in biblical principles and metaphorical references to Scripture, this entertaining campy-comedy, filled with clever puns and far too much alliteration, instructs and inspires family audiences. Deeper life spiritual truths are powerfully evident within the context of this encouraging–if not unconventional–look at spiritual warfare.

We leave the theatre with our hearts lifted and our minds engaged, pondering God’s truths. As a family, parents and children can further their “take-away” from the drama with constructive conversation about important aspects of their faith, relating it to their own lives and the choices they make. 

If your Christian church or school is looking for a simple Christmas program to provide an engaging, inspirational drama, performed by students in middle and high school with Bible study and academic study elements, I invite you to learn more:

Visit the Marshall Mission Christmas page at Pageant Wagon Publishing

. . . for all the details on how your church, school, or community theatre group can purchase the royalty rights and scripts to produce this first play hot off our PWP presses in this Pageant Wagon Radio Drama.

And, there’s more to come!

Check out the drop down menus under the DRAMA SCRIPTS tab at Pageant Wagon Publishing. 

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  1. Wow! you and God have accomplished much! blessings as the Word goes forth through your writing and speaking!

    • Thank you, Sue. God is good and it is a joy to serve Him in what I love to do. But, with shaking and trembling–don’t want to go there without Him.

  2. Wow Kathryn,
    What a talented writer you are! It is so inspiring to read how God has worked in your life. He has a way of steering us in the right direction to achieve His will. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and yours in all your endeavors!

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Horace. I am honored. God gets the glory–waiting on Him in all these things. May you know His peace and blessing in your calling, too!

  3. What a great ministry! My kids just performed The Kingdom Connection in their first-ever church drama camp. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup.

    • Thanks, Leslie! Do keep checking back throughout the year–I have lots of plays I’ll be making available. I have a couple perfect for the kids to do detailing the events leading up to the first Thanksgiving: From Leyden to Liberty. That’s next on the docket!

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