Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History

PROVIDEN’TIAL, adjective Effected by the providence of God; referable to divine providence; proceeding from divine direction or superintendence; as the providential contrivance of things; a providential escape from danger. How much are we indebted to God’s unceasing providential care!

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language

I don’t believe in coincidence. 

When we understand that ‘. . . in Him we live and move and have our being,’ (Acts 17:28)—we can walk confidently with faith in the providence of God’s Will for our lives, in both the mundane details of life and the defining moments of nations played out by the choices and actions of individual souls. 

The Book of Esther in the Bible tells the history of a woman providently placed and prepared by God to serve her nation at a crucial moment in Israel’s history. As we celebrate the defining moment in history on July 4, 1776, when 55 men burdened with the responsibility to decide the course of America–tryanny or liberty; monarchy or independence–it is important to remember their decisions were not made lightly or in their own power. They each acknowledged the providence of God in their crucial time. They sought to follow His Will to whatever end it might be, out of obedience to what they understood as biblical principles of liberty and justice. Patriots, all. Check out these primary source collections to read for yourself what they believed.

But, not all patriots were men. Many wore petticoats–like the subject of today’s podcast short story, Betsy Ross. Meet this young woman providently placed and prepared by God to serve her nation at a crucial moment in its fledgling history. Her story reminds us to be ever ready to answer God’s call to play our part in His providential plan for our lives, and the lives He has called us to impact with our choices and actions.

When George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to create the first American flag in the spring of 1776, his design featured a six-pointed star. He thought cutting equal sides in a six-pointed star would be easier than five points. However, Betsy knew better. Learn her story in this month’s podcast titled: Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History. 

Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History

Click the PLAY BUTTON above to listen to my dramatized short story recreating the historic day when a young widow schooled George Washington with a five point lesson on flag design. It’s an inspirational slice of history with a host of colorful details and little-known facts in a historical fiction format. Gather the family around and bookmark this page to refer to if you are a homeschooler looking for American history enrichment!



Want to learn Betsy Ross’ secret to star cutting? Visit my FREE PRINTABLES page at Pageant Wagon Publishing to download this illustrated tutorial and make some stars of your own to celebrate patriotic holidays, Christmas, or create constellations for planetarium studies. 

5 points star tutorial

To learn more about Betsy Ross and her contribution to our nation’s fight for independence, visit her online home at the Betsy Ross House Museum in Historic Philadelphia

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For more inspirational American history teaching and learning materials, check out Patriot Book Reviews: Celebrate His Story on the blog at Pageant Wagon Publishing!

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  1. Another classic post! Full of learning and interesting stuff! Hope that you had a nice 4th! We enjoyed visiting our small town parade, and waving at our mayor – a Golden Retriever named Max! (This is true!)

    Wishing you a grand day as we celebrate the many freedoms we enjoy in this country.


    • Thanks for your glowing appraisal, my friend. A quiet and somber 4th ruminating on some of the most stirring words ever penned next to the Bible–those of our Founding Fathers. Students of the Bible can read chapter and verse inspiration behind the words of Washingtons and Rosses, alike, which set the foundation of our nation. What turbulence has knocked us off that noble rockbed! Praying God’s mercies in this present day. Keeping history–His Story–alive because it IS so very relevant to every headline assaulting us.

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