When Seasons Change, God Does Not

Sneezing my way into the change of seasons.

Yes–it’s that time of year again when I have a head stuffed with more than words and ideas. In fact, it is so stuffed, I can barely think this week–let alone write.

So, I thought I’d peruse some of my post drafts to see if there was something I might, with little effort, turn to inspiration for a reading public this week. I found the following post I’d created for a link-up that no longer exists, and I never published, two years ago this month. PERFECT!

Not only is it reflecting on summer changing to fall, but the memes capture the teachings I gleaned from the LYFE Conference I attended in June of 2014. Much remains the same since then–especially my fits of sneezing as summer fades to fall. But, much has changed since then, too, besides the seasons. 

[Tweet “One unchanging force in turbulent seasons is the constancy of God.”]

I may have trouble breathing this week–but as I learned from these lessons, I shall INHALE God’s Grace and EXHALE the world’s stresses. That will be breath enough for my bones–with lovely landscapes as a backdrop, making for a picturesque set of inspirational notecards to encourage you today, too!

Our keynote speaker at that retreat was Christie Lothamer, missionary to the UK. She encapsulated four part teaching sessions with these four leading ideas. I summarized her teachings in my post HERE. The conference was the start of a life changing summer for me at that time. God was calling me into a new season where my faith would be tested as I stepped up to the threshold of a long latent dream–to independently publish my first book.

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What an encouraging gift of note-cards they would be packaged up nicely. Perhaps I’ll publish these as a sideline, too!

PicMonkey Collage

There seems to be a lot happening, in our nation and our world of late, that takes our breath away. These changes have nothing to do with seasonal sneezing fits.

We are depleted. We are weary. Our heads are stuffed–we’re dazed and confused.

Remembering that God is above all these traumatic world-changing ailments, and that He is GREAT, GOOD, GLORIOUS, and GRACIOUS, is a healing shot of Vitamin C to my spiritual system. 

With a tissue box by my side and my hands raised to the sky, I’m breathing again. All will be well.

Are you prone to sneezing fits in seasonal changes? 

Anything taking your breath away of late?

Share about it in the comments below and tell me which meme above most ministered to you today.

Be ye blessed!

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  1. I love the don’t have to prove myself one! All that sneezing so sorry – but grateful to be next to you today on 3-D! Sue from CA (I’ve self- published as well – it took courage but I’m so glad I did – two down and working on a third)

    • Hi Sue!
      Thanks for visiting! I had a lovely visit to your website and enjoyed your message on hospitality. It is a love of my own, too, and I share by hosting tea parties for one or two women–and the Holy Spirit, of course. I love planning and setting out the tea table and then enjoying sanctuary and retreat to renew with someone who needs a slice of peace. I did try to leave a comment a couple of times on your post about the gratitude pillow and journal–smashing ides, BTW–but it said there was a “captcha error”? Isn’t that the thing that you have to prove you’re not a robot? I never saw anything to the purpose. So sorry.
      Looking forward to visiting again.

  2. Such a perfectly timely post! 🙂

    I too am having quite the time of it with my ragweed and mold allergies. I spend my mornings sneezing and blowing my nose; waiting for the first frost. lol.

    The title of your post caught my attention for different reasons and brought me great comfort. You see, a season of life is about to change. My daughter, son-in-law and now precious 18 month old who have been living with us for the past three years will be moving into their first home. It will be bittersweet for sure, but we are so proud of them as they move on to own a home. It will be quite an adjustment as when our nest empties, it will be felt more profoundly because with the flight, my granddaughter too will leave; and the connection is so profound between us. Thankfully, they are only moving five minutes away!! Yes, we are blessed!

    Your words were so comforting that although this season will change, God has not. Oh what encouragement that reminder brought me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi Karen!
      Sorry for the delay in responding–that sneezing and cold thingy really hung on. Then, just as I was feeling better, I relasped. On the mend now. But hubby is down. Ugh!

      I do know what you mean about an empty nest–went through that a few years ago. Once over the hump–you will find new blessings. Wish my grandkids were closer–my son and wife live three states away. But so blessed to have my daughter nearby–though she and her hubby don’t have kids yet.

      May you know God’s best as the seasons change.

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