Podcast Episode 10: Election Year Message

What a whirlwind season we are living through on God’s historical timeline!

Are you feeling short of breath, void of peace, perplexed in mind, and weary in spirit? Welcome to Election 2016. But, more to the point–welcome to my Election Year Message via podcast: Come Down to Earth and Be Still

Podcast Episode 10: Election Year Message

This month I’ve re-booted an essay I wrote almost 15 years ago, during a turbulent season of my life when it seemed all the world was falling down around me, nothing made sense, and the future looked bleak. My heart and mind swung wildly like a pendulum . . . back and forth . . . to and fro . . . with all manner of vain imaginings.

I never was one for those devilish roller coaster or pendulum rides in amusement parks. Never liked the loss of control that overtook me when I’d slip, foolishly, into the car at the prodding of friends promising it to be “no big deal.” The sensation of fear and anxiety as to whether or not the ride was safe overwhelmed me. I wanted to stop the madness and retreat to stillness to collect myself and know peace again.

[Tweet “I feel like that now, in this election season. So do most people I speak with.”]

When I seek the stillness of prayer, I’m able to stop that pendulum from swinging and come down to earth where it’s still. I explore this concept in my podcast today with poetry, Scripture, and metaphorical images–plus a nod to American history.

Here’s a little snippet you are free to COPY & PASTE & SHARE in your social media posts. Please credit me with a link to this podcast when you do:

From the earliest roots of our Judeo-Christian nation’s history, powers have sought to supplant the Truths our Founding Fathers sowed into our national character and purpose. Every election has had contenders entering the race with diametrically opposed ideologies to our culture and Constitution. As history marches on, like a pendulum swinging back and forth, every four years we have the potential to destroy ourselves and the noble aspirations of our foundations through the election process. Each election builds on that which came before it, leaving its mark for good or ill, Truth or Error, in what is erected. Or dismantled.

We are called to steward our earthly days in His Truth and to choose wisely how we shall live and build on the foundations laid in the moment in history allotted to us. How will we swing this time? As builders with gold, silver, and precious stones laid on the Judeo-Christian foundations set by our Founders 240 years ago? Or will the pendulum swing cluttering the path with wood, hay, and straw?

Wolves in sheep’s clothing have weaseled their way into the popular culture, our schools, and yes—our churches, to some extent—with pendulum swings of re-direction and re-defining of terms for over 40 years. Corruption, seeded from Error, cuts away at the roots of our Constitution like a sickle swaying and slashing . . . back and forth . . . back and forth.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed with the headlines of the day, shaken and swaying, we must jump off the pendulum swing of the sickle. Be still. Come down to earth and take an inventory of the Truth seeds gathered, swinging through these historic days we’re living in. Stillness gives us the needed pause to discern them, sheltered from Error’s distraction and re-definition weapons seeking whom they may devour.

Beware the pendulum swings


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May you know God’s peace and wisdom as our nation teeters on a pendulum in this season, stilled in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. For His glory and purposes.
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