Podcast #13: Vintage New Year Conversations

Just when you think January is lingering far too long due to crippling cold days and traffic snarling snowstorms, spring is sprung, summer warms to distraction, and autumn leaves fall, speeding us headlong into, yet, another new year and the prospects of January 1st once again.


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This is a common phenomenom experienced by most everyone of my acquaintance in these modern days. But, so too, it seems, by those of bygone days and times.

Last month I introduced you to Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Sangster, writer, editor, poet of the late 19th and early 20th century America. Her prolific writings in women’s magazines, journals, and Christian publications of the day leave for descendent readers a host of excellent advice on life and living that is not ages but to even more perfection in the hundred plus years since first penned.


In A Vintage Voice from a Christmas Past, Mrs. Sangster shares her memories of the joyful season and her suggestions for keeping Christ at the center of the festivities.

But, the New Year is fast upon the tail of our Christmas celebrations with equal portions of melancholy and hope for those who would muse the day. Mrs. Sangster does not leave us her book, The Joyful Life, without a chapter to that very purpose titled, A New Year Meditation.

In it she invites her reader to eavesdrop on a teatime conversation she had with an old school chum, Miriam, as they considered their ways stepping into a new year.


Though removed from our day by more that one hundred years, the new year that they speak of bears a striking resemblance to the new year we are currently standing in. In the words of another voice from the early 1900’s, that of Lucy Maud Montgomery in the guise of her delightful Anne Shirley:

“Tomorrow (the new year) is always new with no mistakes in it!”

Anne of Green Gables, 1905

So as to encourage her reader to confidently run the race set before them in a new year, Margaret and Miriam, and a young guest, Caroline, sip tea and dispense wisdom in a Vintage Conversation.

Christmas teatime

Their chatter overflows with direction, hope, and commonplaces aplenty, linking the 19th century Christian woman’s heart with the 21st century Christian woman’s heart:

  1. Of Old School Days: “There Were Well Educated Women”
  2. Of Aging Well: “The Golden Age of the Grandmother”
  3. Of Passing Years: “The Seasons Do Glide Faster”
  4. Of Resolutions: “Turning the Fresh Page”
  5. Of the Christian Race: “A Daily Definite Study of the Bible”
  6. Of Good Reading: “Not Perfunctory–But Pleasurable”
  7. Of Youth: “A Clever Young Girl Was With Us”
  8. Of Filling the Days: “With Contentment, Surrender, and Sweetness”


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May you know God’s richest blessings as you step into 2017.

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  1. Mrs. Sangster sounds like a very interesting author to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m your neighbor at #ThoughtProvokingThursday. Blessings to you and Happy New Year!

  2. A delightfully inspiring podcast, Kathy! Thank you! I especially enjoyed the discussion on age and was reminded of our current saying that “today’s eighty is yesterday’s sixty.” Blessings to you during 2017!

    MaryAnn Diorio

    • Hi MaryAnn!
      Yes, I was actually surprised that even 100 years plus ago women were feeling younger than their years. But the way they spoke of their faith and living out their faith is timeless Christianity in any era.

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