An Invitation to the Classics

September is just about over, but my new school year studies in literature and language arts with homeschooler, Haley Richardson, are just getting off the ground.

Haley is entering her sophomore year of high school. We have a terrific study plan ahead of us, exploring our Western civilization literary heritage in an overview from the ancients to today. Our tour guide is the excellent Invitation to the Classics, compiled by Louise Cowan and Os Guinness.

Invitation to the Classics

The excellent essays, excerpts, and discussion questions for each author in Invitation to the Classics whets our appetite to read deeper and broadly. Truly, the old cliche, “So many book, so little time,” is apropos to our situation. It is important to have a good working knowledge of the great works of Western literature that have formed our collective American, European, Judeo-Christian identity as Americans. So far, we’re still in ancient Greece–and we could spend a whole year there if we had the time.

Haley records our weekly essay and excerpt discussions in the My Every-Week-a-Book Journal that I published earlier this year for homeschool students, requiring a book review each week. Links to learn more and purchase these keepsake journals for grades K through high school, allowing for 26 weeks of reading record-keeping can be found HERE at Pageant Wagon Publishing. 

In addition, Haley is drawing out a favorite quote from each essay that she must create as an inspirational meme. I’ll be publishing them here at The Writer’s Reverie for continued inspiration shared with you! Here’s the first three in her ongoing series:

JOURNAL PROMPT: Are you a lover of classic literature and the great thinkers of our Western literary heritage? Choose one or more of the above quotes and write it in your journal followed by your thoughts on what is expressed. Follow this up with a visit to your local library and choose a classic work to read–or seek out  your own copy of Invitation to the Classics and journey along with us this year!

Want to know more about what Haley and I are studying this homeschool year? Click HERE for the rest of the story on my Family Literacy Lifestyles Blog at Pageant Wagon Publishing.

Note: Haley is a gifted Irish fiddle player specializing in traditional Irish music. At age 15, she has played the fiddle since she was three years old and amassed over nine All Ireland Fiddle Championship titles. She travels extensively playing gigs in America, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Irish music including the Chieftains and Altan. During the week she is largely hanging on the homefront and meets with me weekly for literature and language lessons in addition to her homeschools studies under the direction of her parents. In 2014 and 2016 we had a great time recording the audio book versions of my two Fable Springs Parable books–my storytelling enhanced by her music. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mentoring Haley over the years and especially love it when hubby Ed and I can catch her in concert! Here’s a treat of her playing at a recent concert this past summer in Wildwood, NJ with piano phenom, Colman Connolly:

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