Podcast #20: Sticky Stories for Family Read Aloud

The orb spider is back, weaving her sticky businesses just outside my front window. I cringe every October when these eight-legged creatures invade corners of my yard and set up housekeeping. I’ve never been able to manage spiders. They remain a creep factor in my life, inflicting horror to my psyche since childhood. 

Perhaps this phobia entrenched itself in me during a read-aloud session with Mother many years ago. She read to me a sticky story about a spider from one of her very favorite books—a treasure from her own childhood. 

I cherish memories of Mother sitting on the sofa with my sister and me flanking her sides. We looked expectantly into this well-worn book with yellowed pages and no illustrations other than sepia-toned portraits of the long dead poets who penned the words. We didn’t need illustrations. Mother’s voice tripped over the words as she read with drama and delight.

One of my favorite poems from the One Hundred and One Famous Poems collection is by Mary Howitt, her cautionary tale, The Spider and the Fly. Hence, my opening remarks in light of sticky spider webs and far-to-big spiders nesting outside my front window. I really identified with the little fly in the poem, not wanting to give in to the slick, tempting invitations of the spider to “come into my parlor.” Mother’s voice still rings in my ears with her varied voices for each character . . .

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Miss Kathy performs the full length classic, The Spider and the Fly

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  1. These would be great to listen to in the car. Thank you for contributing to Literacy Musing Mondays.

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