Podcast #23: Reading Resolutions for 2018

I’ve amassed a couple of decades worth of any number of journal pages dedicated to my January 1st commitments for a new year. Many items on my goals list regard personal prayer requests for family life. A slew of items touch upon my writing life. In this article, I will comment on the yearly aspirations I record for my reading life—sometimes achieved, and sometimes, not so much.

Reading Plans: A Resolution for Choice and Priority

Do you consider new year resolutions for your reading life? There are a variety of choices to consider when mapping out reading goals for the year:

  • Vintage Book Reading to re-discover long lost treasures.
  • Pleasure Reading in a genre you love.
  • Educational Reading to learn something new.
  • Devotional Reading to draw closer to the Lord.
  • Biographical Reading to acquaint you with fascinating lives lived.
  • Historical Reading to expand your grasp of God’s epic His Story in the earth.
  • Classics Reading to better appreciate our Western literary heritage.

All these reading goals are laudable and worthy of your time year-round. However, a fresh plan for Bible Reading should be prioritized at the top of reading lists each new year . . .

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Included are details of an over one hundred year old Bible storybook I have in my Vintage Book Treasure Hunt collection, a beautifully illustrated 1904 volume of Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible for Young and Old, by Reverend Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, D.D.. 

Reverend Hurlbut alludes to making the quality choice to reading, and reading the best of all literary works, as the purpose for his Stories of the Bible in his Dedication:

To the Young People of America this book is dedicated,

in the hope that it may interest them in the reading of the best of all books.

Also, I explore two more reading resolutions that I highly recommend for both individuals and families:

Reading Aloud: A Resolution for A Family Literacy Lifestyle

Reading Purpose: A Resolution in Fulfilling a Legacy

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