Podcast #5: Updated Excerpt–The Gatekeeper’s Key!

GO! That was my word for 2016. Go forth. It’s a daunting invitation. But, when I’m invited to GO, by the Gatekeeper of my life, I’m invited to seize the treasuries and supplies in God’s house. He invites me to pass through the gate, crossing the threshold of my portal to potential—the field of my hopes and dreams and God’s will for my life.

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I wrote the allegorical short story, The Gatekeeper’s Key in January of 2016. Throughout the rest of the year, I continued to explore a number of themes related to this story in subsequent blog posts and podcasts published here at The Writer’s Reverie and in RUBY Magazine.

In 2017, I culled these posts together and expanded them to full chapter lengths, and added more material from my studies to further unpack the valuable life applications tucked within the story of Weaver in Wannabe Village. By spring I fully published the seven chapter book, with additional features including an introduction and appendix guide in how to do in-depth word studies using Principle Approach methods.


In Wannabe Village, Weaver lingers on the corner of Waiting Lane wondering when she will receive an Invitation to come, and a Key to unlock, the gateway to her Field of Dreams. Discouraged by the admonishments of Mistress Doubts-a-Lot, lately come for tea, Weaver clasps her tapestry of woven words tight to her body, fearing to step out into the courtyard of risk. Instead, she shrinks back, watching other weavers petition the Gatekeeper on the margins of Muchado Wall for an Invitation to pass through the gate to possibility. An unexpected stroke thrusts the coveted missive into her hand, tossed aside by an ungrateful heart. It’s not her Invitation—but it may be her opportunity to confront the Gatekeeper, at last. Will she GO?

If you’ve ever felt stuck within walled confines, paralyzed by fear, intimidated by risk, blocked from crossing the threshold of your full potential into the field of your dreams, desires, or calling in life, Weaver’s story-world meditations provide hope to help you persevere in uncertain days. You’ll find help to:

  • Discern your place and season
  • See purpose in boundaries
  • Find comfort in trials
  • Gain fortitude in going forth

Short story, personal testimony, excerpts from classic literature, visual imagery, challenge questions for discussion, and journal prompts for writing assignments draw you before the Gatekeeper, too.

Writer, speaker, teacher, and enrichment artist, Kathryn Ross, sweeps readers into the story-worlds of Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, Hannah Hurnard, Marguerite de Angeli, John Bunyan, and others, exploring powerful truths to fulfilling God’s plan for your life. It’s quite a journey—but you’re never alone. Always in His Presence, with an Invitation, a Gatekeeper, and a Key. Perhaps more than one.


My episode #5 podcast is an abridged version of chapter one of The Gatekeeper’s Key. It explores the dilemma we face when challenged with the charge to “go” forward into a place filled with both opportunity and the unknown. But, don’t go forward without petitioning the Gatekeeper to open wide the opportunities that lay ahead for you. Unknown as they may be, the Gatekeeper has the key.

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One day, Weaver ventures into the marketplace where word tapestries are traded. There, in the midst of so many tales, stands the Gatekeeper. The Master Story-Weaver himself! Other eager weavers reach out to him in a flood of stories. Some limp about, tripping over their words for all the loose threads and yarns, falling flat on the ground before him. Others push and shove, assertively staking a claim by his side to petition for a key, that they might possess the opportunities on the other side of the gate.

But the treasuries therein are not to be toyed with sloppily. The gate’s portal is not opened to mere aggressors. The Gatekeeper knows the worth of each tapestry laid before him and allows only those who prove themselves worthy of the key to have access. By invitation . . .

The Gatekeeper’s Key

Kathryn Ross


. . . to hear an abridged dramatization of chapter one in The Gatekeeper’s Key–an allegorical tale to inspire and challenge YOU to GO seek gatekeepers with keys to opportunities.

Purchase on Amazon or direct from Pageant Wagon Publishing


Here are the additional posts/audio podcasts that became the foundation for three of the seven chapters in The Gatekeeper’s Key:

Key of Love and Locked Gates podcast image

Click to listen to an abridged excerpt from The Gatekeeper’s Key!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Click to listen to an abridged excerpt from The Gatekeeper’s Key!

Click to listen to an abridged excerpt from The Gatekeeper’s Key.

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The Gatekeeper’s Key:

Crossing Thresholds through Portals of Potential

by Kathryn Ross

If you enjoyed the audio podcast abridged, excerpted readings of this chapter one and the additional chapter links featured in The Gatekeeper’s Key, you’ll love the whole book! Features include discussion questions, journal prompts, word study tutorial, and more! Order your autographed copy today to learn what you need to know to “go forth” in your calling and life goals, seeking out the gatekeepers and the key to your “field of dreams.” Click HERE to order direct from Pageant Wagon Publishing

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I hope that you will posts up with us again. I love having a variety of things for people to read. Have a great week.

  2. The first picture that you shared with this post really struck me. It brought to mind a scene from C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce.” In this scene, there is a group of people who are brought to heaven. They are given a “second chance.” Sadly, nearly every single person refuses to see the beauty surrounding them. Spurning the opportunity to repent, they instead choose to return to hell. In a different sense, this is what I see when I pondered that picture of yours. Not refusing repentance, but refusing following or serving or moving forward. Refusing to leave a comfort zone. Breaking out of our shell is so necessary. But, if we never seek the Gatekeeper, if we never venture beyond the door, we’ll miss all that green and open land of potential and opportunity on the other side.

    Yes, let’s seek the key.


    • Thank, Sharon!

      You should be receiving the email with my subscriber’s link to download the companion E-book. Enjoy. When I started to write the reflective thoughts and challenge questions with journal prompts, I realized that I had more than a short story book with a few thoughts at the end. I was overwhelmed with how varied are the ways to apply the concepts in this story. It fits so many scenarios regarding our salvation, our calling, our relationships, and especially our relationship with God. I just scratched the surface with what I included in the e-book, and left the ministry of the Holy Spirit room to draw out more according to the uniqueness of the reader and thinker on these things. It’s been a rich meditation of mine since the day after Christmas, as the Lord is filling me with the good things I need to walk through my portals this year. May you be so enriched, too, according to what the Lord is cultivating in you–and the gatekeepers you are praying to come into your life.
      Joy to you, my friend!

  3. Go is a great word for the year. Mine is hope. I’m feeling quite hopeful about it (sorry about the bad pun).

  4. Thank you for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop…so happy to have you here!

  5. “Go” can be a scary word when you don’t know if you’re prepared to make the journey or where it will lead. I hope you can stop by:



  6. I am so glad I came for a visit today. I only got to hear part of your story. I’ll be back to finish it and catch the others.

    • Pamela! I’m so glad you did. May The Gatekeeper’s Key inspire you in your quests this year, to the glory of God! YES–do listen to my other podcasts and catch up. You’ll be blessed!

  7. Go is an excellent choice for 2016. My word focus is HOME – focusing on coming home to my son.

  8. This book sounds so great! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday at Mommynificent.com!

  9. Thanks for sharing your work on the #LMMLinkup.

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