Random Journal Day Reunion: Book Bundle Give-Away!

I’m late to the this Random Journal Day Reunion Party. Do forgive me. Would you believe I’ve been journaling?

Well, working on the fruit of journaling–and that means, another book! 

You see, journaling to me is much like a gym where I exercise my body to perform at peak efficiency. Blubber body fat is worked away and muscles are toned, strong to the purpose. 

This is so with words and ideas that I work out on paper. In notebooks. Digital files.

Like the health-conscious individual regularly working out in the gym to prepare for competition, the for-my-eyes-only journal rough drafts of whatever topic tempts my curiosity hopes to be polished for broader publication someday.

This is the foundation behind the two books I released in 2017: Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for Journaling, and The Gatekeeper’s Key: Crossing Thresholds to Portals of Potential, a book whose premise was worked out in a series of blog post/podcast ruminations that eventually became fully explored chapters in the book. 

When I journal, I am mining both heart and mind for gold. Sometimes, the precious thoughts expressed are too dear for sharing. Locked away between handwritten pages, I can sneak peeks on occasion to review a moment of my thoughts recorded in real-time. With hindsight, prayer, and personal growth, captured thoughts mature to fullness. I use such material as reference and a resource for harvested wisdom I hope will impact someone else’s life.  

Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for Journaling 

Selections of poetry, prose, and short story in this book reach back to writings penned in my teens! Yep–I have files in binders, folders, and journals that go back that far. Treasure!

It’s inspired by a personal encounter with God, calling me aside on a busy day of errands through the ministry of Creation’s beauty while driving past a huge fragrant field of flowers. I originally published half of this collection as an experiment in indie-publishing, formatted as a 40 page chap book. A few years later, I edited the original, added more selections, included Scripture, images, challenge questions for discussion, and writing exercises as journal prompts.

Contemplatives who take this journaling journey in Fragrant Fields will discover the Lover of Your Soul in ruminations of romance and worship, joy and gratitude, solace and solitude. Brew the tea and get cozy with this read. One selection at a time. This garden escape is not to be rushed through.

P.S. Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for Journaling book was offered in the Random Journal Day Reunion Book Bundle Give-Away, hosted by Dawn at Enthusiastically Dawn!

Check out Dawn’s YouTube review of Fragrant Fields (at the 17:20 mark in the video), and the other books in the bundle. Cheryl was the Rafflecopter winner and is currently enjoying copies of ALL the books featured here–great deals for book lovers and journaling enthusiasts!


The Gatekeeper’s Key: Crossing Thresholds to Portals of Potential

Throughout the turbulence of 2016, I dug into trenches of prayer, battling through the chaos and confusion of current events in my desire to know God’s will in critical times. My word for the year was to “Go Forth,” with Isaiah 55:12 KJV leading me onward into a fresh season of speaking and writing. 

Isaiah 55:12

Do you ever feel like there’s something blocking your way?

Fencing you in from moving out into your full potential?

Kinda like you’re stuck?

There are lots of things that can keep us from boldly stepping out to embrace our life and calling.

I started off the year writing an allegorical short story about a writer (Word Weaver) seeking the key from the Master Weaver Gatekeeper to cross beyond the walls that kept her confined, and grow into her full potential, realizing her goals in the Field of Dreams. This, in whimsical flair, was the story of my own writing life. Semi-autobiographical. As the year wore on, I drafted loosely connected threads of thoughts to this story, into what became blog posts. I recorded them as audio podcasts and published them as four stand-alone articles in RUBY Magazine.

But in early 2017, I realized that these four stand-alone posts, were I to sew them together, could form the foundation for a full book! If I stepped into this writing challenge, I could encourage others to confidently explore the fences that contain them, Too. Together, we’d learn the purpose and place of boundaries in our lives and recognize the way of moving beyond them in the proper time.

Patience produces potential. But sometimes fear keeps us from crossing thresholds that have blocked our way in the past.

I loved incorporating my own journal recordings of personal experiences illustrating the truths discusses, in addition to each chapter using excerpts from classic literature to make the point. You’ll find C. S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Hannah Hurnard, Margarete DeAngli, John Bunyan, and more on this journey–with discussion questions and challenging journal prompts and exercises at the end of each chapter.

Want to listen to with links to read the four chapters that give you a sneak peek into what The Gatekeeper’s Key is all about? Click the image below and enjoy!

Four chapter audio excerpts from The Gatekeepers Key

Click to listen and find links to all four podcasts!

JOURNAL PROMPT: How about you? Do you journal thinking that someday, what you write in private will be made public? How does your journaling become purposeful in the lives of others? List specifics and record how God has used your personal writings to lift someone else closer to His Heart.

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  1. I would love to breakthrough this year with my writing. I want to publish my first book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the #LMMlinkup this week.

    • I encourage you to GO FORTH, Mary, and write your book. I enjoy shepherding writers from idea to publication and helping them to release the words the Lord has given them, living though such times as these. We are salt and light–don’t skimp on the flavoring or hide under a bushel. Reach out to me if you’d like to talk more about this!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com!

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