Betsy Ross: Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History

The Book of Esther in the Bible tells the history of a woman providently placed and prepared by God to serve her nation at a crucial moment in Israel’s history. As we celebrate the defining moment in history on July 4, 1776, when 55 men burdened with the responsibility to decide the course of America–tryanny or liberty; monarchy or independence–it is important to remember their decisions were not made lightly or in their own power. They each acknowledged the providence of God in their crucial time. They sought to follow His Will to whatever end it might be, out of obedience to what they understood as biblical principles of liberty and justice. Patriots, all. Check out these primary source collections to read for yourself what they believed.

But, not all patriots were men. Many wore petticoats–like the subject of today’s podcast short story, Betsy Ross. Meet this young woman providently placed and prepared by God to serve her nation at a crucial moment in its fledgling history. Her story reminds us to be ever ready to answer God’s call to play our part in His providential plan for our lives, and the lives He has called us to impact with our choices and actions.

When George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to create the first American flag in the spring of 1776, his design featured a six-pointed star. He thought cutting equal sides in a six-pointed star would be easier than five points. However, Betsy knew better. Learn her story in this month’s podcast titled: Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History. 

This month Part 1 of my short story, Betsy Ross: Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History, is featured in RUBY Magazine.

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To learn more about Betsy Ross and her contribution to our nation’s fight for independence, visit her online home at the Betsy Ross House Museum in Historic Philadelphia

For more inspirational American history teaching and learning materials, check out Patriot Book Reviews: Celebrate His Story on the blog at Pageant Wagon Publishing!



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