Podcast Episode #6: Spiritual Keepsakes & Ruby for Women

Spiritual Keepsakes on Trial-Laden Road Trips is an abridged chapter excerpt from my latest book, The Gatekeeper's Key! CLICK TO VOTE FOR THE GATEKEEPER'S KEY in the INDIE BOOKS AWARDS 2018! Help this important devotional book get into more hands, hearts, and lives this year! Thank you for your support! Read on to learn more . . … [Read more...]

In a Word or Two – 2015

Every year has its image shaping trends. Be it faddy fashions, mania behaviors, craze diets, or vogue must-see-TV, human history is replete with sages and rages marking the date indelibly with the latest what-all. Buzz-words of the day are especially iconic on this list. Remember when being "swell" turned into "feeling groovy" which became … [Read more...]

Waiting in Hope

Baby, it's cold outside! To that end - it's cold INSIDE. At least at my house. Has been for the past two weeks - and worst of all today! As it happens, we are without heat. We have been forced to bid a fond farewell to our oil furnace after a remarkable lifespan of fifty years! It was big. It was noisy. It was working admirably until the … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 5

Patience!  Have PATIENCE!  The fruit will be ripe for harvest - just WAIT!So, guess what the Fruit of the Spirit is that we studied this week.  Got it in one!  Patience.  Not an easy fruit to bring forth whether you are very young or all grown-up.  We saw evidence of that in the watermelon patch!Just look at all the bounty!Our sharp-eyed gardeners … [Read more...]